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Salton Sea Ecological Disaster Nears Climax

Clock Is Ticking On The Abandoned California Lake Town: Diverted Water Will Make Toxic Dust Plumes A Possibility For Southern California And Arizona.

Suicide Girls Bring Their Burlesque To Phoenix

The Suicide Girls Bring The Latest Iteration of Blackheart Burlesque To Phoenix On April 15, Complete With Westworld-Themed Numbers And A Message Of Body Positivity.

One Arizona Man's Vietnam Experience

The Part-Time Resident Of The Grand Canyon State Hopes The Novelization Of His Experiences Resonates With His Fellow Veterans.

Is Ending The War On Drugs A Panacea?

Professor And Author W.A. Bogart Discusses His New Book, Off The Street: Legalizing Drugs, Which Calls For A Philosophical Approach To The Issues Of Use And Abuse.

Political Profundity

Donald J. Trump's First Weekend: The War On The Media, Mainstream, That Is, Alternative Facts, And Crowd Size.

Are 'Natural' Cigarette Smokers Being Misled?

A Recent Study Found That Many Smokers In The U.S. Believe Tobacco Products Marketed As "Natural" Or "Additive-Free" Are Safer Than The Alternative.

Grade-A Prime Cuts 2016

The Most-Read Stories In 2016 Across All Of Modern Times Magazine Include Five Local Bands, Movie Remake Obsession, Lucille Ball And A Look At Herbalife.

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Political Profundity: Trump, Terror, And A Glowing Orb

This time, Karen Weil and John Guzzon talk Trump's Russia issues and Middle East trip, the Manchester terror attack, as well as touch on the loss and impact of Roger Ailes.

When A Test Switch Doesn't Make The Grade

Opinion: One State's Decision To Make The Sat The Official Test For College Admission Places Unfair Burdens On High School Students.

Trump: Our National Nightmare Is Just Beginning

Regardless Of What Happens From This Point In Time, Donald Trump Has Created A Stain On The Presidency Unlike Any That Have Come Before — Even Richard Nixon.

Five Weirdest State-Based U.S. Online Shopping Trend

Thanks To One Company's Deep Dive Into Google Shopping Trends, Items Like Gucci Fanny Packs, Confederate Flag Bikinis And Truck Nuts Reveal The True Nature Of The United States.

Political Profundity

Trump's Presidency Turns 100 Days: Just what is going to happen in the future may remain unseen, but the future of the nation appears more obscure than ever.

Five Points On Trump And Russia

1. The there there. 2. Hillary's emails are important after all. 3. Is Trump the Muscovite Candidate? 4. Spinning like a car stuck in the mud in Alabama. 5. The times, they are a changin.

Political Profundity: Trump Gets Comey’d

Just what will the fallout be on the FBI investigation of the Trump campaign and Russia, as well as European elections, Obamacare repeal and Trump's budget request.

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