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Army Colonel's Book Details Battle of Ramadi

Iraq War Veteran Tony Dean Says He Was Driven To Write About The Experience Because It Is An Example Of On Post-Millennium Warfare With A Successful Ending.

Salton Sea Ecological Disaster Nears Climax

Clock Is Ticking On The Abandoned California Lake Town: Diverted Water Will Make Toxic Dust Plumes A Possibility For Southern California And Arizona.

Suicide Girls Bring Their Burlesque To Phoenix

The Suicide Girls Bring The Latest Iteration of Blackheart Burlesque To Phoenix On April 15, Complete With Westworld-Themed Numbers And A Message Of Body Positivity.

One Arizona Man's Vietnam Experience

The Part-Time Resident Of The Grand Canyon State Hopes The Novelization Of His Experiences Resonates With His Fellow Veterans.

Is Ending The War On Drugs A Panacea?

Professor And Author W.A. Bogart Discusses His New Book, Off The Street: Legalizing Drugs, Which Calls For A Philosophical Approach To The Issues Of Use And Abuse.

Political Profundity

Donald J. Trump's First Weekend: The War On The Media, Mainstream, That Is, Alternative Facts, And Crowd Size.

Are 'Natural' Cigarette Smokers Being Misled?

A Recent Study Found That Many Smokers In The U.S. Believe Tobacco Products Marketed As "Natural" Or "Additive-Free" Are Safer Than The Alternative.

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SoundCloud's Shutdown Scare A Warning For Cloud Users

Content Host SoundCloud Nearly Went Under Recently, Reinforcing The Brutal Truth That User Content May Not Always Be Available.

Political Profundity: Equifax, Constitution, GOP Jumping Ship

More than 143 million get hacked, ALEC pushes Constitutional Convention, GOP incumbents jump out of 2018 races, Trump pivots with Chuck and Nancy, voter fraud is a fraud and Clinton writes another book.

Political Profundity: Charlottesville, Bannon, Russia-Gate, Arpaio and North Korea

After perhaps the worst incident in civil rights for decades, the nation is torn but not yet in half. The ever-worsening presidency of Donald Trump after the events in Charlottesville, in the Far East and right here in the Grand Canyon State.

Five Points On Healthcare and Insurance

What a tangled web gets weaved as Congress debates a healthcare bill that's cleaved.

Political Profundity: View of Trump, Washington from The Southwest

Taking a look at the last few weeks, including the health care bill collapse, Junior's meeting with Russians and general federal misbehavior.

July 4 Means Independence And A Whole Lot More

Five Points On One Of The Biggest U.S. Holidays: Why July 2 Was Considered The Birthdate Of Independence, And How The Document Became One Of The Most Quoted Of All Time.

Will 2017 Be Remembered For Presidential Protests?

Since The January Inauguration of Donald Trump Protests Have Been Loud And Common, But When Even Republican Strongholds Are Witnessing Protests, It’s Not Hard To Fathom That Bigger Events Are Yet To Come.

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