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Still Rolling: Phoenix Film Festival

Unlimited Arts April 10 To 24:  This Month Offers Brings A Country Music Gathering, A Tribute To Nina Simone And The Bolshoi Ballet.

Beloved Musical Offers That 'Old Razzle Dazzle'

Unlimited Arts March 28 To April 10: ‘Chicago’ Is Playing In Phoenix While April Will Bloom With Other Musical Theater Choices.

Prepare For Heavy (Stage) Drama This Spring

Unlimited Arts March 13 To 27: The New Season Features An Arthur Miller Classic, Swedish Film And A Tribute To Holocaust Survivors.

There's Still Time To Enjoy Sedona Film Festival

Unlimited Arts Feb. 28 to March 13: From Evita To The Marshall Tucker Band, There's No Shortage Of Entertainment Choices In March.

Play Peels Cassius Clay's Youth From Muhammad Ali

Unlimited Arts Feb. 13 To 27: Exploring Youth Experiences Of The Boxing Legend Through Dramatic Theatre; Along With Ballet, Bach, Crush AZ EDM, And A Russian Party Rock Band.

Get Ready To Open Your Ears To New Music

Unlimited Arts Jan. 30 to Feb. 13: The Phoenix Metro Is Chock Full Of Great Music, Arts And Theater Events, Including EDM, Ballet, Blues, Puppets And, Oh Yea, Michelle Obama.

Play Examines U.S. Hostage Crisis, Family Turmoil

Unlimited Arts Jan. 17 To 31: Along With History, January Events Feature 'Songbirds,' Frankie Valli, Beethoven and Funny Ladies.

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Hooray For Hollywood: Johnson and Fantle's Escapades

From Their Teen Years Playing Classic Films To Seniors To Their Recent Book, Ton Johnson And David Fantle Discuss Their Mutual Love Of Hollywood Films.

Hooray for Hollywood: Joyce Bulifant

From The Mary Tyler Moore Show to just missing on the role of Carol Brady and all of the game shows she appeared in, Joyce Bulifant is a Hollywood icon. Tom Johnson talks to her about Ted Knight and many other key memories.

Will DC Ever Release A Digital Subscription Service?

With Leader Marvel And Other Publishers Already Leading The Trend, With Is The Publisher Of Superman And Batman Still Lagging Behind?

Hooray for Hollywood: Julie Hewett

Tom speaks with Julie Hewett, renowned makeup artist extraordinaire about what is like to work on movies and television as well as some interesting tidbits on the Hollywood life.

SMOCA Exhibition Focuses On Soleri, Arcology

Unlimited Arts Oct. 11 To 25: Along With The Work Of Paolo Soleri, There Are Broadway Legends And A Complicated Thriller Writer As Entertainment Choices This Month.

Hooray For Hollywood: Seth Berkowitz

This episode, Tom Johnson talks with Seth Berkowitz, president of Workshop Creative, one of the foremost creators of trailers for film and television.

Hooray for Hollywood: Talking with Ivan Ladizinsky

For nearly 30 years, Ivan Ladizinsky has been editing television and feature film projects for the Hollywood film industry, including Survivor, Action and many more. Listen as he recounts insights about life as a film editor.

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