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Profits Of Policing: $200 Million In Five Years

Civil Asset Forfeiture Laws, Commonly Referred To As RICO, Drive Massive Amounts Of Cash And Property To Law Enforcement With Little Oversight On Spending.

Celebrate MLK - Trump Inspires March, Vigil

Consciousness Calendar Jan. 11 to 25: There Are Many Great Avenues To Expand Your Consciousness, But Most Will Likely Be Consumed With The Slain Civil Rights Leader And The New President.

Five Points on The Border Wall

Cost, Difficulty, Environment, Not Wanted By Border Residents, Won't Do Any Good Anyway Are The Five Points, But There Is Much More To The Discussion.

Modern Times Magazine's Arizona Prime Cuts 2016

In Our Local Part Of The World, Readers Swoon When A Mega-Star Visits, Pokémon Go-s, Plus-Size Beauties Take Center Stage And Trump Stokes His Arizona Supporters.

The Arrival Of 2017 Stirs Renewed Activism

Consciousness Calendar Dec. 28 to Jan. 11: With Holiday Merriment Winding Down, Many are looking at ways to get involved In The Phoenix Metro, Including Fundraisers, Community, Cleanups And Much More.

Phoenix Metro Set To Protest Trump On Dec. 19

Consciousness Calendar Dec. 14 to 28:  Also, A Phoenix Children's Hospital Fundraising Gala, Another Fundraiser For Pets As Well As A Few Film Screenings Highlights This Collection Of Thought-Provoking Events.

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Entertainment To Ease The Winter Doldrums

Unlimited Arts Jan. 18 to Feb. 1: There Are Many Options For Denizens Of Phoenix To Get Entertained, Including Rockers And Rappers, A Magic Carnival And Even The Pop-Culture Phenomenon Hamilton.

Top 10 Comics Of 2016

2016 Produced An Array Of Top-Notch Comics Including The Black Monday Murders, The Autumnlands, Brian K. Vaughn’s Paper Girls And More.

The Phoenix Metro Will Get Its Music On In January

Unlimited Arts Jan. 4 to 18: Those Seeking Entertainment Have Many Choices — Musicals like Fiddler On The Roof And Camelot Are Being Staged, As Bands Such As Styx And Pink Martini Are Set To Rock.

Modern Times Magazine's Music/Arts Prime Cuts 2016

From I Love Lucy To Hollywood's Remake Obsession, Take A Glimpse Into What Fascinated And Intrigued Our Readers’ Music And Arts Fancies In The Year That Just Was.

Top 10 Albums Of 2016

The Past Year Offered Listeners A Range Of Quality Music Choices From American Football’s Long-Awaited Sophomore Album To Rihanna’s Latest Tour De Force.

2017 Will Begin On An Artistic And Musical Note

Unlimited Arts Dec. 21 to Jan. 4: Celebrate Christmas With Mannheim Steamroller, Ring In The New Year With The Soul Power Band And Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers, Hear A Symphonic Tribute To David Bowie, Or Choose From Many Others.

Christmas Cheer Is In The Air And On The Stage

The Nutcracker, a time-honored tradition, is being performed in Phoenix, along with Black Nativity and a musical version of Elf — There will also be performances by the Phoenix Boys Choir and Scottsdale Philharmonic.

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The Sports Yak

Talking Arizona Cardinals, Diamondbacks, Suns, and a whole lot of other things that have to do with balls and fields.

Modern Times Magazine's Sports Prime Cuts 2016

It Was A Banner Year For The Sporting World But According To Our Readers, They Were Most Interested In The Baseball, CTE, NFL And The Olympics.

The Sports Yak

Arizona Cardinals Are Done For 2016: Wayne Schutsky and John Guzzon talk the Arizona Cardinals' disappointing season and preview what they think might happen by the start of the 2017 season.

Best Of Arizona Sports: Baseball Players

The Grand Canyon State Has Two Of The Top Collegiate Baseball Teams In The Country, But What About Those Who Played Here In Little League And High School? We Assemble An All-Time Lineup.

Docs: Parents Should Buck Sports Specialization Trend

Despite The Preponderance Of Parents To Think Their Child Needs To Focus On One Sport For Adult Success, Experts Say Multiple Sports Truly Grooms Lifetime Success.

Brazil And The World Lost On Olympic Games

Regardless Of The Tremendous Achievements By Athletes, Do The Games Benefit The People Of Brazil Now And Into The Future? The Answer, Unfortunately, Is No.

Riding The World’s First BMX Salt Park

At the Uyuni Salt Flats In Bolivia, Bicycle Motocross Rider Daniel Dhers And Local Residents Build Ramps Out Of The Salt More Than Two Miles Above Sea Level.

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Donald Trump Is Transitioning

Take A Trip Down Satirical Lane And Take A Sneak Peek At A Special Address That The President-Elect Was Prevented From Giving By Daughter Ivanka, Son-In-Law Jared and Maybe Some Oompa Loompas.

Surviving Thanksgiving With Insufferable Relatives

Thanks To Barriers Made Even Stronger By The 2016 Political Season, This Thanksgiving May Be Even More Awkward. But Thankfully, Hope Exists If One Plans Inappropriately.

The 1980s: Jail, Crack And Divorce

While The Connection May Seem Dubious On The Surface, One Woman Claims Locking Up Crackheads For Life Revealed To Her That Her Life Was Really Being Married to One Penis Forever.

The Blizzard That Never Was

A Storm Predicted To Produce One Of The Worst Blizzards Of The Century Peters Out And Some Local News Media Outlets Just Can't Let It Go.

Dietary Restructure

A family man decides to get a consultation from a nutritionist. But when he realizes that losing weight will mean cutting out food items like cheddar fries, he obfuscates: all in good taste, of course.

Nine Suspense Novels With Surprising Plot Twists

Like Getting Shocked And Dazzled By A Writer’s Wizardry In Creating and Leading Down The Path of A Plot’s Red Herring’s? Well, Here Are Nine Great Books That Will Do It For You.

The Tahw Planet Earth - By Jack Bello

Living in a human sanctuary, a young man recounts what he knows about the Earth’s history.

Chapter Six: Closer to the Dream

Marshall realizes his dreams were not as transparent as he had thought, and he is happy it is so.

DC, Marvel And Star Wars Mega Crossover At Disney

The Company Behind Immortal Tales Including Steamboat Willie, Bambi, And Characters As Unforgettable As Scrooge McDuck, Has Brokered A Deal Many Thought Could Never Happen.

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Grade-A Prime Cuts 2016

The Most-Read Stories In 2016 Across All Of Modern Times Magazine Include Five Local Bands, Movie Remake Obsession, Lucille Ball And A Look At Herbalife.

Modern Times Magazine’s Nation/World Prime Cuts 2016

Some Of The Most-Read Stories In 2016 On National And International Issues Include A Look At Herbalife, CD Collections, GMOs And A Story About A Boy From 1861.

Top Stories of 2016

Karen Weil and John Guzzon talk Donald Trump, Carrie Fisher, terror attack, police shootings, police being shot at as well as local stories like the defeat of Joe Arpaio and much more in this wrap of 2016's most memorable stories from Arizona and beyond.

Elf On The Shelf, Santa And The Surveillance State

Seemingly-Innocent Holiday Figures Like Santa Claus And, More Recently, Elf On The Shelf Could Actually Affect The Way Children Accept Surveillance.

Five Points On Christmas And The Holiday Season

As The Majority of Americans Prepare To Take Time Off And Celebrate Whatever Holiday Fills Their Heart In December, Here Are Some Facts And Opinions About Our Celebrations.

The Last Minute Holiday Gift Giving Guide

From Last Minute Christmas Gatherings To Dinner Parties With Your Boyfriend’s Mom’s Boss, The Holiday Season Is Filled With Unexpected Gift-Giving Events That Can Leave You Scrambling.

Five Points on Christmas and the Holiday Season

Take a trip inside the holiday season where we will reveal some of the facts, figures and statistics of the modern end of the year holidays, including how much we spend on ourselves, others and if Dickens is still relevant.

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