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Summertime, And Getting Involved Is Easy…

Consciousness Calendar Aug. 24 to Sept. 7: Helping Dolphins, Giving To Local Charities, Changing The Prison System And How Boys Cope In A Complicated Age — It’s All On The Docket In Late August.

Politics, Profits, Stir A Push For Federal Land Transfers

Some States — Including Arizona — Are Looking For Ways To Hasten Private Business Control Over Some Of The 640 Million Acres Of Federally Controlled Lands In The Western U.S.

Podcast - Summer Movie Wrap-Up

Ryan Scott sits down once again with local film buff A.M. Rogers to discuss the summer movie season, and what to look forward to this upcoming fall.

Can McCain Win One Last Senate Race?

John McCain Is Seeking A Sixth Term — Which If Completed Will Make Him The Longest Serving Senator From Arizona After Only Carl Hayden — But He First Must Get Past Kelli Ward and Ann Kirkpatrick.

Journo Roundtable On Presidential Race, AZ Senate and Marijuana Legalization

On this episode of the Modern Times Podcast, John Guzzon and Karen Weil talk about the battle for the White House And Arizona's U.S. Senate seat as well as marijuana legalization in Arizona.

AZ Marijuana Legalization Battle Enters Twilight Zone

Marijuana Legalization May Or May Not Be Coming To Arizona In The Near Future, But Both Opponents And Proponents Can't Help But To Blunder Their Way Into The Debate.

Election Season Heats Up In The Phoenix Metro

Consciousness Calendar Aug. 10 to 24: Featured Are Election-Related Events But Also Forums On Sex Assaults, The Vaccination Controversy And The True Costs Of Buying Low-Cost Clothing, Among Others.

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China Threatens Hollywood For Film Supremacy

With An Ever-Increasing Audience And Market Share, China Is Making Inroads In The Film Industry And Challenging Hollywood’s Movie Dominance.

Catch The Go-Go's Before They're GOing, GOing GOne

Unlimited Arts Aug. 17 to 31: Music Lovers Have Plenty From Which To Choose As August Winds Down, From Classical To Rap Icon Snoop Dogg And Nu-Metal Bands As Well A Musical Production.

Streaming Services Succeed Where Cable Failed

Shows Like Stranger Things, Transparent, Orange Is The New Black And More Prove That Netflix, Amazon, Hulu And Others Have Trumped Traditional Media.

Adele Brings Her Sassy Self To Phoenix

Unlimited Arts Aug. 3 to 17: The Biggest British Musical Artist Since Rick Astley Is Coming, But If You Can’t See Adele, Check Out King Adé Or Learn Swing Dancing At The Rhythm Room.

Sallis Delivers A New Kind Of Protaganist In Willnot

The Originator Of The Driver And Lew Griffin Series Has Created A New Place That Calls For A New Type Of Hero In The Form Of Lamar Hale, Doctor To A Small Town On The Fringe.

The Strong Persuader And A Weird Al Invade Phoenix

Unlimited Arts July 20 to Aug. 3: Events For July And Early August Include Heavy Fare Including A Film Focusing On ISIS’ Reign Of Destruction And The More Light-Hearted, Personified By Weird Al.

James Cameron And The Military

From Terminator To Avatar, James Cameron’s Films Often Depict The Military As A Malevolent, And Sometimes Bumbling, Force.

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Riding The World’s First BMX Salt Park

At the Uyuni Salt Flats In Bolivia, Bicycle Motocross Rider Daniel Dhers And Local Residents Build Ramps Out Of The Salt More Than Two Miles Above Sea Level.

Bright Green Pool Overshadows Olympics

The Shade Of The Water Changed Very Quickly And Has Generated Quite A Few Jokes Among Diving Competitors And On Social Media Sites, Although Officials Say It's Safe.

Is Shelby Miller To D-Backs An Epically Bad Trade?

While It Is Still Early, It Is Already Well On Its Way To Going Down In History As Epically Bad — Akin To Donald Trump At A Quinceanera.

Diamondbacks: Believe It Or Not, They Are Not That Bad

Injuries, Timing Are At The Root Of The Team's Struggles, And Regardless Of Disappointment, The Organization Needs To Stay The Course For The Long Haul.

Confessions Of A Tormented Baseball Fanatic

After Decades Of Suffering Through The Ups And Downs Of Being A Fan, A Baseball Junkee Comes Clean About His Addiction And How Changing His Loyalties Just May Save His Immortal Soul.

Tyrann Mathieu Right In Blaming Culture For Violence

The Arizona Cardinals Star Is Outspoken About Gun Violence And The Plight of Disenfranchised Youth In His Hometown of New Orleans.

Is There Light At The End Of The Suns' Dark Tunnel?

The Phoenix Suns Will Attempt To Rebound From The Worst Season In Team History With New Head Coach Earl Watson Leading The Charge.

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The Tahw Planet Earth - By Jack Bello

Living in a human sanctuary, a young man recounts what he knows about the Earth’s history.

Chapter Six: Closer to the Dream

Marshall realizes his dreams were not as transparent as he had thought, and he is happy it is so.

DC, Marvel And Star Wars Mega Crossover At Disney

The Company Behind Immortal Tales Including Steamboat Willie, Bambi, And Characters As Unforgettable As Scrooge McDuck, Has Brokered A Deal Many Thought Could Never Happen.

A Message From President Donald J. Trump

The Next President Of The United States — At Least In His Own Mind — Takes On The State Of The Union, Feminazis, The Federal Reserve And The Golden Border Fence With Mexico.

Defending The Most Literate Gospel

Luke, Former Jesus Fanboy And Author Of One Of The Most Creative Stories Of The Bible, Refutes Allegations That His Gospel Rips Off The Story Of Horus And Other Works In The Savior Genre.

Modern Times Magazine's Fiction/Satire Prime Cuts 2015

Confederate Flags, God, Valentine's Day And The Third Coming Of Jesus Christ Are Among The Subject Matter Featured In This Year’s Most-Read Fiction Works.

MTM Exclusive: The War on Christmas

When a elementary student tackles his Christmas presentation to the class, he makes the mistake of consulting Uncle Mickey who tells him all about Ayatollah Obama.

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Ironically, Trump Doesn't Really Want To Be President

With Rumors Flying That Donald Trump's Campaign Is More About Publicity Than Anything Else, Voters Are On The Hook For Empowering A Bloviated Demagogue Who May Not Even Want To Take Office.

A Bus-Bound San Diego Comic-Con Adventure

An Arizonan Tries To Save Some Cash By Taking A Bus To San Diego Comic-Con, And Describes The Bumpy, Awkward, Piss-Stenched Life On The Open Road.

The Five Planks Left Out Of The GOP Party Platform

There Are No Bad Ideas, But These Are The Five Planks Republicans Left On The Cutting Room Floor During The Republican National Convention.

Can Early Bedtimes For Kids Ward Off Obesity?

A New Study In The Journal of Pediatrics Suggests Good Sleeping Habits In Preschoolers May Prevent Obesity Later On In Life.

Study: Expanding Farms Harm Nature

Overall, The Study Said The Diversity Of Animals And Plants On 58 Percent Of The World's Land Area Had Fallen Below A Safe Threshold.

Daredevil, Superheroes, And Concussions

A Concussion Expert Breaks Down The Daredevil Netflix Documentary And Discusses The Ways That Vigilantism And Entertainment Spur On The Concussion Epidemic.

Still Have A CD Collection? Adjust To Modern Methods

With All Of The Options Out There To Go To The Cloud, Is It The Best Way To Manage A Digital Music Collection In 2016, Or Is It Still Better To Keep Tracks On Your Own Device?

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