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Modern Times Magazine and is a new web and print magazine that is breaking new ground with the fearlessness to be a great place to read not only a selection of news and commentary, but also cutting-edge fiction.

We reach thousands of people every month seeking to read about the world around us from community to universal issues. Our content is organized into Nation/World, Arizona/Local, Fiction/Satire, Sports and Music/Arts departments.

Submission Queries for Articles

Modern Times Magazine accepts a limited number of theme and feature stories. We welcome you to submit a query describing and outlining your idea. Anyone pitching a story needs to include a tentative lead/headline for the piece, followed by approximately 200 words that describe the nature of the article, image possibilities, potential sources and facts as well as an anticipated completion date. Send to

Article Types

In Depth
In Depth articles are traditional journalism with a twist. From Q&As to investigative articles, these articles are designed to question, ponder and inform in a verifiable and impartial manner. In Depth articles run in Nation/World, Arizona/Local, Sports, and Music/Arts departments. Completed size requirement is about 1,000 words.

Viewpoint articles are opinion pieces on the cutting edge. Viewpoint articles run in Nation/World, Arizona/Local, Sports, Fiction/Satire and Music/Arts departments. Completed size requirement is about 750 words.

Lighter Side
Lighter Side articles are fake news creations satirizing current events. Lighter Side articles run in the Fiction/Satire department. Completed size requirement is about 750 words.

Article Compensation

Queries that are accepted by the editorial staff are paid at a rate roughly equivalent to three to seven cents per word.

Anyone who desires to plug a book, television program, film, business, service, etc., will only be able to do so in a 40 word bio at the end of the article and they will not be paid for the article. All articles, however, must stand on their own and refrain from promoting anything but the truth.

Submission Queries for Fiction

The pride of Modern Times Magazine is the cutting-edge fiction that appeals to those living in these Modern Times. A limited number of submissions are accepted each year. To query us on a work of fiction, send a sample of the work to Compensation for fiction works are paid at a rate of about two cents per word.

Image Queries

We also accept photo and image queries. Modern Times Magazine is interested in series of photographs and art that can be best described as an image, or, photo essay. Send a written explanation of intent, meaning, approach and execution of the work to Compensation for image packages are paid at a rate of about $4 per image.

Agreements, Payment and Deadlines

Fees will be agreed upon by both the assigning editor and the writer. Any freelance assignment will only be considered approved when a work order that sets terms of assignment, payment and deadline is issued. Any changes to fees and deadline must be accompanied by a new work order. All other agreements will be informal with e-mails serving as evidence of verbal agreements.

Fee will be paid by Modern Times Magazine within 30 days of receiving an invoice for an article that was accepted and submitted on deadline. For those not submitted by the agreed deadline, fee will be paid within 30 days of article running on website or in magazine. Payment will also be contingent on freelance writer submitting an invoice and appropriate tax forms to Modern Times Magazine. The terms set out in this document also serve as understood conditions of all work orders.

Article Style and Grammar

Modern Times Magazine follows the guidelines outlined in the Modern Times Magazine Stylebook, 2009 AP Stylebook, and the Webster’s New World College Dictionary, Fourth Edition. The Modern Times Magazine Stylebook is accessible here.

Check the spelling and grammar of your article before sending it. Ensure that all numbers, dates and names of sources are accurate. A mini-bio of the writer with an optional photo (see photo guidelines below) will be provided at the conclusion of the piece. Please limit to approximately 60 words.
Your copy will be edited for content, style and grammar. If there are significant changes or revisions, it may be returned to you for further clarification or review, although this is not guaranteed.

Impartiality in our opinions and reporting is a value that is will not be compromised. Any indication of bias or any conflict of impartiality will negate all agreements.

Photo and Art Guidelines

Photos are encouraged for each submission. Low resolution images can only be used on website. For the magazine, high-resolution photos (300 dpi at a minimum of 3x5 inches) should be submitted in a standard graphics file format – JPG, TIF or PSD. Do not submit images embedded in Word or PowerPoint documents. Please include proper credit, including name of photographer or image owner, and a brief caption for each image. Please submit only those images where proper permission has been granted. Images submitted are assumed cleared for usage in our publication and on our website. Please send images along with your submission as e-mail attachments, or contact us for FTP log-in information if file sizes are too large to e-mail.


Modern Communications, Inc., will maintain rights to publish all articles for perpetual use both on websites and in magazines. Fiction submission copyrights will be limited to three years. Please do not submit content that has been published previously.

Thank You

We appreciate your interest in Modern Times Magazine and look forward to working with you. For more, call 480-269-3688, e-mail to, or mail to P.O. Box 480, Mesa, AZ 85211-0480.