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St. Valentine’s Day Massacre

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Six Starry-Eyed Acts — Brought Together To Celebrate CD Releases From Field Tripp And decker — Are Gathering At The Sail Inn On Valentine’s Day For A Musical Massacre Of The Loving Kind


By Josh Wyrick
Special For Modern Times Magazine

Feb. 12, 2014 — Local fixtures decker and Field Tripp are hosting a ‘dual’ CD release party Friday Feb. 14 beginning at 8 p.m. in the Sail Inn, 26 S. Farmer, Ave., Tempe. Joining them will be The Haymarket Squares, Sister Lip, DJ Ex-Ghost, and Washington-based Terrible Buttons.

Included in the festivities will be two dueling Frank Sinatras, belting out their best attempts to emulate the late king of crooning, as well as a photo booth and a couples’ dance.

The night represents the culmination of Dan Allmond’s concentrated efforts. Field Tripp will be releasing a six-song EP entitled Les is Mormon, where the distortion-heavy fan favorite “Wrapped in Plastic” can be heard. This will be the folk-rock group’s first album release in nearly three years.

Field Tripp’s melancholy, nostalgia-driven rock began in 2007 with Allmond behind the wheel. While other members of the band have included many local musicians, Allmond continues to be the defining presence both on stage and behind the production boards.

When asked about his production techniques Allmond jests about bouncing ideas off of his canine companion, Shmayho. “How does that high hat sound there, buddy? A little too crisp?”

As for human friends, Allmond shares a close connection with Brandon Decker, whom he met at an open mic event in Mesa’s Coffee Talk, which has since changed hands and its name — it is now called Inside the Bungalow.

Decker, who heads the band of the same name (sans a capital letter, and with a period added) will be releasing a single entitled “Cellars,” produced in conjunction with 513 Analog Recording Studios.

“People have said it’s our magnum opus,” Decker relates as he admits that classical music has been a boon during the creative process. And it well might be, as Decker’s band, which continues to gain steam in 2014 will be touring again on the heels of their upcoming summer EP release Patsy.

A mighty melee will be held as Sinatra faces Sinatra in a sing-off where only one may stand victorious. Lovers and friends alike will be able to take photos in a photo booth, as well as share a quiet moment during a couples dance.

As the search for Valentine’s Day plans and presents that trump all others continues, planning the night should be simple.

The event begins at 8 p.m. in Tempe on Friday, Feb. 14 at The Sail Inn, where entry is $10 and open to all ages. The first 100 entrants to the show will be given free copies of both CDs.

Josh Wyrick a freelance writer living in Phoenix, Ariz.
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