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Garage Punks Thin Bloods

Talk Tumors, Viruses

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Tempe Based Three Piece With A Grunge Rock Sound Are All Set For A Record Release Date At the Crescent Ballroom With Playboy Manbaby, Snake! Snake! Snakes!, and Boss Frog


By Troy Farah
Special for Modern Times Magazine

Aug. 22, 2014 — Sometimes, you don’t want thick blood, especially if you live in Tempe in the summer. For The Thin Bloods themselves, it’s absolutely critical to have the most diluted of vital fluid. Their liquid of choice? Liquor, naturally. Last year, after the band All My Friends “killed” themselves on stage, Colson Miller, Brenden Garrison and Jojo Caldwell reemerged, covered in blood and doused in a new name.

Since before Rubber Brother Records printed their first tape last summer, The Thin Bloods have been good pals with the folks at the DIY cassette label. We called up Miller, the band’s guitarist and vocalist, to ask him about his band’s new album, Twin Tumors Vol. 2 and what other crazy stuff they’ve got cooked up for the rest of 2014.

The Thin Bloods, along with Boss Frog and Snake! Snake! Snakes! will be rocking your socks at Crescent Ballroom, 308 N. Second Ave., Phoenix, Saturday, August 23rd. Tickets for the all-ages gig are $10 and doors open at 7 p.m..

Modern Times Magazine: Yo. Let's do an interview. Colson Miller:
Colson Miller: Yessir, lets!

MTM: OK, tell me what does Thin Blood mean? Is it a reference to the heat?
CM: Well it was my papi Pete's little motorcycle/hard old dudes club a long time ago. That, and it's a reference to drinking more so than the heat.

MTM: What's with the Twin Tumors thing? Have you ever had cancer? Sorry if that's too personal. CM: No, it’s not cancer related. It's more of a metaphor than literal thing. Has something to do with my relationships and my own duality problems.

MTM: Can you elaborate? Well, it meant something different to me on the first Twin Tumors album, it was more so about problems between me and myself and the different faces I put on for people. The second Twin Tumors is about how shitty my ex-girlfriend and I were to each other. That is a little personal though and I'm not sure I want everybody knowing my relationship drama bullshit.

MTM: What do you like about Rubber Brother Records?
CM: All those dudes are all our close friends. We've been playing with Playboy Manbaby, Boss Frog, members of The Wavelengths and Wolvves, Petty Things, Instructions, B.O.T.S. and everyone else since the old days at The Fixx and Long Wong’s. We love all the dudes and those bands and love being a part Rubber Brother with all those dudes. They've also helped us gain a bigger all-age market, which has been great.

MTM: Got any plans for music videos, touring or anything nuts?
CM: We are shooting a music video for a song off the new tape called 'Peter Was A Virus', scheduled to be online two weeks after the tape is out. It's gonna be quite the production, we’re really excited to see how it turns out. And doing a few dates up the West Coast this fall.

MTM: haven't heard any of the new music yet. What is Peter about?
CM: Yeah we are cuttin’ it close with getting everything done before the show. We are in the mixing and mastering phase of things. ‘Peter Was A Virus’ is a fictional story of this guy Peter who is just a big bully shithead type character.

Troy Farah has thick skin and thin blood at
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