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The DJentrifiers Palace

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DJentrification, The Phoenix-Based Super DJ, Prepares For The Three Year Anniversary Show Of His Weekly World Music Night At The FilmBar’s The Palace By Talking With Modern Times Magazine About Beats, World Music And The Local Music Scene


By Jeff Moses
Modern Times Magazine

Sept. 27, 2014 — DJentrification is one of the most well-known names in the Phoenix art scene. His name is synonymous with the Phoenix music scene and booking him for a big event is almost a rite of passage for a Phoenix promoter. One could argue that it isn’t even that big of an event if DJents isn’t playing.

Among his many residencies and regular appearances DJentrification’s world music night at The Palace has been going strong for the past three years as a weekly DJ night and on Sept. 27, they are going to celebrate the three-year anniversary along with guest DJ’s Byron Phoenix, Degha, and Smite.

The event kicks off at 9:30 p.m. and is 21 and up and free. Plus DJents will have plenty of giveaway goodies for the special evening.

September was also the first month that DJentrification scaled The Palace down from a weekly night to a once a month. Djents has played a ton of big shows and has many accolades to show for it, but he remains as humble as ever, and steadfast in belief in local music, world beat, and of course vinyl.

Modern Times Magazine: Why did you call your world music night at FilmBar “The Palace”?
Djentrification: Partly because of the ceiling at FilmBar. When the place opened up  the lounge in  it reminded me of a palace in there. So that’s why I called it that. It was basically because that’s what that space reminded of with the rock walls and murals and booths.

MTM: Is it a general dance night, or is there more of a method to the madness?
DJents: There is a method to it because it’s really focused on trying to look at music from as many places of the world as possible. It’s not just based on dance either. The first hour is usually atmospheric music, not dance music at all. More open head music, meditative, or conductive music is probably the best way I can describe it. I try to find as much different stuff from as many locations and areas of the world as I can and it’s fun for me because I can push other local DJ’s to seek out stuff that is focused in that sort of way.

MTM: What’s been feedback from other DJ’s?
DJents: It’s a spot where there are other local DJ’s that come through and check it and have been supportive of the night. For some people it’s been a cool challenge, especially when dealing just with vinyl to come up with mixes that are all stuff from different countries. It’s also helped open some DJ’s that I know start playing more international stuff and look more into music from different places like that too. On the whole its been pretty supported, I’m pretty thankful for how much support it has gotten not just from other DJ’s but Phoenix in general.

MTM: What’s the difference between The Palace and your other weekly night 602's Days?
DJents: It’s more focused on music from many countries, more music from Asia and India and Brazil, and a little less less rap and a little less disco and boogie. But there is still stuff that fits in at The Palace too, like disco that’s international: from the Caribbean or Italian disco. It’s almost like a restriction when you are trying to play stuff from different countries but it’s a fun restriction to play with as a DJ. It’s not like playing music from the United States is taboo or not allowed, I mean the U.S. is a country in the world too so I can play music from here too. But the focus is on international. I did an around the world set that started with Phoenix funk and it traveled east across the U.S. to New York and then England and France and all the way around the world. It kind of made an imaginary trip through music. It was like I was able to draw a map. For me it is that  I enjoy putting together a set that is basically like an imaginary trip around the world through music.

MTM: How did it get started?
DJents: I saw the place was opening and I rode over on my bike to check it out and I saw the space was cool. So I talked to the owner Kelly about DJing there sometimes, he said he might call me and I didn’t think anything of it. He called me for First Friday and I brought like cool soundtrack music and international music because of what the bar reminded me of. He hit me up and approached me.

MTM: Does cutting it down from a monthly to a weekly make it easier on you?
DJents: I’ll be able to focus more energy on each party, or to have a Saturday off like once a month or something. It opens my days as a DJ to do other gigs and to focus more on each individual party.

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