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Synrgy Coming To PHX

To Support Summertime

Image supplied by Synrgy.

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Oregon-Based (But Arizona-Bred) Reggae Band Set To Tour Through The Valley This Weekend Fresh Off The Release Of Their New Summertime E.P.


By Jeff Moses
Modern Times Magazine

Jan. 16, 2014 — Five Piece reggae outfit Synrgy, after a brief hiatus and lead singer Brian Zach’s Honduran adventure, is out with a new piece of music and is heading out on tour in support of it. The new E.P. entitled Summertime is a return to Synrgy’s smooth reggae roots, after a jaunt into a more reggae / rock-and-roll feel, which came largely in part from the riffs of former guitarist Clay Baker.

In keeping with taking Synrgy back to their musical roots, Zach, who also now plays keyboards, turned to his college friend and original Synrgy bass player Scott Kranzberg. Together with an all new lineup featuring Chase Larue on guitar, Daniel Grantz on drums, and Rich Tobin on keys, Synrgy will be heading down the Golden Coast, into Arizona and then back up the coast of California.

Also in getting back to the roots of Syngry, Zach has chosen to retake his role as the band’s manager, something he had done up until the band’s 2012 Fall Harvest Tour.

“I need to be the manager. I already have dates for February and March locked down for Arizona and my family is going to be involved in the management,” said Zach, a Phoenix native. “My parents stepped forward to help me out booking shows. So we are officially a family-managed band which is pretty awesome. It has me super stoked that my family can see what my life is actually about and have a more intimate relationship with my career.”

Though finishing their upcoming yet-to-be-named album is a band priority, Zach said that the overall focus of 2014 will be touring.

“We’ve got to finish the album, and play a ton,” he said. And while getting out to new places and meeting new people is always a plus for Synrgy, Zach said, “It’s always great to come to Phoenix because I grew up in Phoenix, and I don’t recall there being much of a reggae scene … it’s cool to see the growth of the scene.”

Zach and Kranzberg are both in fact native Phoenicians, but they met in Flagstaff while attending Northern Arizona University, and both currently reside in Ashland, Ore., where the band is based.

The Summertime E.P. is three brand new tracks “Summertime,” “Red Dragonfly,” and “Maybe Tomorrow,” and according to Zach the sound is more laid back. “Last year I went to Honduras for a couple months and had a really cool experience. I think something happened to me on the road. We did Hawaii last year and then I did Honduras on my own time and came back and the sound was a lot chiller, it’s like reggaer. It sounds more like polished and more mature is the easiest way to put to it. It’s just more reggae,” said Zach. “It’s softer on the ears and easily digestible. I think it’s more refined for the casual listener.”

A new lineup and E.P. does not mean Zach is completely abandoning the older tracks, however. When they come to Tempe’s Sail Inn on Jan. 17 they will be playing the E.P. in its entirety as well as tracks from their 2011 self-titled album like “Shacklers,” “Blow Those Clouds Away,” and “Big Wheel,” as well as their older stuff. “A lot of the old goodies but there’s a good handful of new original music,” said Zach.

Also on the line up for the show on the seventeenth is Las Vegas-based reggae act Lady Reiko, and locals Kush County.

“We’ve worked with Kush County before and they did really good with us. I think Lady Reiko, that’s the band from Las Vegas and that’ll be the first time playing with them. I like that there is a scene, like a selection of bands that do this genre of music and have a following, and people support the shows. It’s going to be great, the show’s going to be off the hook,” said Zach.

Jeff Moses a senior contributor at Modern Times Magazine. He can be reached at
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