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Behind The Scenes At

Supa Joint’s Video Shoot

Hot Rod Supa Joint.
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The Self-Proclaimed Larry The Cable Guy Of Weed Spends A Day Recording A Video For His Newest Track With A Bevy Of Fine People From The Downtown Phoenix Community


By Jeff Moses
Modern Times Magazine

Nov. 8, 2013 — Hot Rock Supa Joint is becoming known as a smokin’ hot talent in the world of hip-hop and comedy in Phoenix. His hilarious mix of dope rhymes, funky beats, and over the top costumes are earning him spots on some of the biggest hip-hop, comedy, and medical marijuana related shows in the Valley.

On Nov. 9, the European stoner will be playing a 1 a.m. set at Tempe’s Sail Inn for the Phoenix NORML Harvest Festival, but before the Larry The Cable Guy of weed could take the stage he needed to hit the world off with some fresh releases. So on Nov. 5, he got his posse together and shot a video for his track “Weed Weed Mothafucka” off his sophomore release Rollin Stoned.

The shoot took place at 10 a.m. at Supa Joints’ home and included a cast and crew of around 12 to get the do it yourself video done. Hot Rock himself was the director, and stoned as he was, he kept it professional and got the job done ahead of schedule.

The video’s concept was thought up, of course, by Hot Rock, but in its simplicity it left a lot of room for the participants in the video like local punk musician Andy Warpigs, music fanatic Erica Hunter and artist Joanna 23 to add their own flavor to the concept.

The shoot started with Hot Rock welcoming all of the cast and crew to his home with a vegetable platter, bottled water, and of course the customary half pound of marijuana to go around. After the smoke session, the crew got to to work filming the video.

The entire video is really driven by the comedic prowess of Hot Rock, of course the background actors were funny. But the real flare came from the flamboyant skin tight pants and wig-wearing Supa Joint.

Hot Rock will be celebrating his new video with a viewing party at The Harvest festival, but for the premier that is right here and now on

Jeff Moses a senior contributor at Modern Times Magazine. He can be reached at
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