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Summers End Music Festival

Local Stage Announced

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Tempe Beach Park's New Three Day Music Festival Just Released Which Phoenix Based Bands Made The Cut And Except For A Few Surprises, The Local Music Scene Is Well Represented


By Jeff Moses
Modern Times Magazine

May 28, 2014 — All but one of the local acts that will be playing at September’s Summers End Music Festival have been chosen, and for the most part, the organizers did a great a job. The lineup is eclectic, accomplished, and really shows off the many different flavors of music a person might find when going out to a local show.

There is country music in Carol Pacey and the Honeyshakers, who will be the first local act of the festival to take the stage Friday afternoon. There is hip-hop in Mouse Powell who will be gracing the grounds of Tempe Beach Park by opening the local stage on Sunday afternoon.

Modern Times Magazine End of Summer Fest Wishlist

There’s also punk rock, folk, and reggae in the forms of Playboy Manbaby (not Playboy Manpower as the press release reads), The Senators, and Fayuca. Really they’ve covered all of the bases.

Black Carl got a slot headlining the local stage on Saturday evening. There was never any doubt that Emma Pew and the gang would be there. They are consummate local headliners, who pretty much pack every show they play in the Valley, and they are based in Tempe to boot. The only reason they didn’t make my wish list is because they really didn’t need the push. They are a dynamo all on their own.

Perennial headliners Banana Gun and Dry River Yacht Club made the cut as well. Quite frankly it wouldn’t be a Tempe thing without appearances by these two. They’ve both put their time in, they both put butts in the seats, and they both recently dropped fantastic new albums.

Never Let This Go is a band that doesn’t play around these parts too often due to their hectic touring schedule but when they do come home to Tempe it’s usually an event. These kids have a following for sure, and are fairly similar to Halocene, a band which made our wish list.

Modern Times Magazine End of Summer Fest Wishlist

Blunt Club host Mouse Powell also made the festival, and is the shows lone hip-hop act. He will more than likely be joined at the fest by his live band, and there is no doubt he is going to put on a great show. Phoenix may not be known for it’s hip-hop community but there definitely is a thriving one here, and Powell is one of its stand outs.

Rounding out the lineup will be Murrieta, Sundressed, and Bogan Via. Murrietta and Sundressed are both locals on the rise. Sundressed just released an E.P. through Rubber Brother Records, while Murrieta is finding himself on their second big festival of 2014 following Viva Phoenix Fest.

Bogan Via, though, is a pretty strange pick to be on the “local” stage seeing as how they are now based out of Los Angeles. While I realize that they started here in the Valley I noticed that when they played in Phoenix for Viva Phoenix Fest they were billed as a touring act from L.A. Perhaps it’s my Phoenix music scene inferiority complex kicking in, but if they want to bill themselves from L.A. I don’t see why they are deserving of a spot on the “local” stage at a Phoenix show, when it could have so easily gone to a band that is just as talented and faithfully represents this metropolitan area’s scene.

Jeff Moses a senior contributor at Modern Times Magazine. He can be reached at
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