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Summers End Music

Festival Local Wish List

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The Three Day Music Extravaganza Is All Set At Tempe Beach Park Except For The All Important And Heavily Coveted 14 Local Time Slots, And Music/Arts Editor Jeff Moses Makes His Picks



Travis James and the Acrimonious Assembly of Arsonists

Travis James and the Acrimonious Assembly of Arsonists are one of the bands that probably falls more on the side of “wild pipe dreams” but I would still love to see the Phoenix-based folk punk open for the Violent Femmes. His music would compliment theirs beautifully, but odds are he is not on Luckyman’s radar, as James likes to keep his shows a little more D.I.Y. Plus, his fans are probably not going to be purchasing many $45 tickets.

The Hourglass Cats

Another band that definitely deserves a look is The Hourglass Cats. THC are one of the most fun bands in town right now, mixing genres to create a sound that is assuredly rock and roll, and astoundingly local. Not to say their music doesn’t translate outside of Phoenix, but they make tunes that just sound a lot like Arizona. If the festival is hoping to show a good mix of local talent they’d be remiss to leave the Cats off, as they may represent Arizona’s eclectic taste in music better than any band out there.

Drunken Immortals

One thing the festival is severely lacking in is hip-hop. It’s not all alternative rock the way Edgefest used to be, as is evident by the appearances by Capital Cities and Foster The People among others. But just because their are no big time touring rappers playing doesn’t mean Phoenix shouldn’t show off it’s wide array of great bands in all Genres. Both Drunken Immortals and The Stakes would make excellent additions to the lineup.

The Stakes

Though there are other tremendous hip-hop acts out there in the Valley like Dadadoh, Orangabang, Supa Joint, and The Insects, just to name a few. None of them are bringing the live band dynamic that both The Stakes and Drunken Immortals bring to the table. Add in the electrifying Stakes front man Zalamar ZDubb Davis’s ferocious stage presence, and Drunken Immortals two pronged attack with Mic Cause and Brad B. up front and they both look like solid festival bands to help showcase the hip-hop side of Phoenix’s scene.


Halocene is another local band that in my opinion cannot be left off this lineup. Besides having already rocked their fair share of Tempe Beach Park Shows, the pop punk four piece with the white hot frontwoman Addie Nicole, just released a new album and they are more popular than ever right now. They would fit in with his crazy lineup famously. They come from a different part of the music scene than most of my other picks, but they still rock just as hard. They would make for great ambassadors to a whole different side of Phoenix music scene, one that judging by the lineup many festival patrons be be into.

Scorpion Vs. Tarantula

Let me start by saying I think this band should play every show, ever. Scorpion Vs. Tarantula would be an awesome band to see play Summers End Music Festival. Not only are they bringing something completely different than everyone else playing, they are bringing the most rock and roll front person in the Valley, most likely in Arizona, and probably in the world. There is not an more entertaining musician in Phoenix than Scorpion lead singer L. Hotshot, and regardless of the genre of the other bands I think SVT would translate into an amazing performance at the show.

Fairy Bones

In keeping with bands that have amazing front women, Fairy Bones are another act that would mix in quite nicely, especially near those Foster The People and Capital Cities sets. Their brand of “synth punk” would blend in famously with all the other interesting sounds going on and their music is super dancy as well which only make it that much more of a good idea to invite them. Lead singer Chelsea Richard is not quite L. Hotshot, no one is, but she is still pretty freaking amazing, and their upbeat sound would just be perfect.

What Laura Says

Last but not least I think a What Laura Says reunion would round out this concert nicely. I realize that there is probably no chance of this happening, but I figured if it’s a wish list I’d add one that’s truly impossible. It promises to be an epic weekend by the Lake already, but what could top seeing one of Tempe’s most beloved bands back together and rocking at one of their towns biggest shows to date. W.L.S, is one of the bands I have heard a ton about but have never seen and many Tempe and Valley-based artists point to them a musical inspiration in a time when the Phoenix scene was suffering and almost non existent. It would just seem poetic for a band that almost carried the scene on their backs to reform at a time when the scene they helped realize, is realizing its potential.

Jeff Moses a senior contributor at Modern Times Magazine. He can be reached at
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