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Green 17 A St. Paddy’s Day

Success in Tempe

The crowd at G17 join in salute. All images by Jeff Moses.
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Dave King. All images by Jeff Moses.
While A Day Long Festival Will Always Have Its Highs And Lows — Especially The Going Rate For Beers — Flogging Molly Is Carving A Solid Phoenix Metro Tradition


By Jeff Moses
Modern Times Magazine

March 19, 2013 — So let me quickly tell you everything you really need to know about this year’s Green 17 tour.

First and foremost, $7 for a Pabst Blue Ribbon is, as my girlfriend put it, “criminal.” And the craft beers are no less guilty at $8. Second, local opener Jared and the Mill seem more like Mumford and Stepsons than anything remotely original and third, The Donots are a punk rock band on the rise.

The German punks threw down on their last day of touring with Flogging Molly and front man Ingo Knollmann made his way into the crowd to serenade the masses with some thrash punk.

The crust punks in attendance wasted no time getting the day’s first circle pit into motion, and after the Donots gave it all they had, Anti-Flag-the day's first of three headline caliber bands that also included Pepper and the St. Paddy’s staple Flogging Molly — brought the ruckus.

Anti-Flag one-upped The Donots and instead of sending lead singer Justin Sane into the masses, they sent drummer Pat Thetic and his drum kit into the circle pit to bang out a tune.

Anti-Flag really brought ‘it’ on their first trip back to the Valley since the beginning of Sound Strike and perhaps an even bigger statement than their lyrics was the 30-foot tall black star made of broken M16’s.

Following the political punks came West Coast Reggae punks, Pepper. The highlight of Pepper’s set came when Nathan Maxwell came out on stage and joined the band for a few moments — a lackluster set to say it lightly.

Perhaps the sounds techs mixed them wrong, perhaps it was an off day for the Warp Tour mainstays — maybe one too many Guinness’ backstage before the set — but Saint Patrick’s was not good to Kaleo, Brett, and Yessod.

Flogging Molly took the stage next and for a 51-year old, Dave King rocks it like he’s 25.

The ever-energetic front man just knows what to do on St. Patrick’s Day — pound a few Guinness before the show and pound a few more on stage — and the Tempe crowd ate it up.

The riotous crowd of 10,000 danced and sang along, and slowed it down with the band for the acoustic part of the night then brought it right back up again with seldom played “Tobacco Island.”

In their ninth installment of the Green 17 tour — the seventeen stands for the date of St. Patrick’s Day — and the seventh straight ending in Tempe, I’d say Flogging Molly has established a tradition in the Valley that will last for years to come.

I just wonder who the brave soul volunteering to clean up all that green puke is going to be.

Jeff Moses is a senior contributor to Modern Times Magazine.
Ingo Knollmann of the Donots. All images by Jeff Moses.
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