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Small Leaks Are Breaking In

New Songs On the Road

Small Leaks Sink Ships.

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The Boys From The Oak Street Basement Are Increasing Their Touring Schedule — Including A Show Thursday At Last Exit Live — With A Smattering Of Songs Likely To Be Included On Their Next Album


By Melissa Corbin
Special for Modern Times Magazine

Nov. 19, 2013 —  Small Leaks Sink Ships — also known as the boys from the Oak Street Basement — are back for a show at Phoenix’s Last Exit Live, 717 S. Central Ave. on Thursday at 9 p.m. Their sound is bigger and brighter than ever, as they have been feverishly working together on their upcoming, yet to named, album.

The new album is scheduled to drop in spring of 2014, complete with passionate lyrics and poignant instrumentals. But for now the band that evokes the sound of a small symphony, not the sound of your average rock band, is just wetting the beaks of their loyal following.

After years rife with personal challenges — car wrecks and a cancer diagnosis among them — the process of making the new album was described as emotional and transformative.

"It's been a journey," said London Vanrooy, the band's vocalist and drummer. "Spiritually, emotionally, musically. All of us have embarked on this journey together with the new release as the result."

Thursday, Small Leaks Sink Ships will be playing a set comprised mostly of tracks meant for the upcoming release at Last Exit Live, before bringing their show on the road to Albuquerque N.M. Friday, followed by a show in Santa Fe Saturday, and then back through Los Angeles on Nov. 30.

The band is using some different instruments and samples on this upcoming release, and the band hopes for some new support for their organic sound.

"We were told it was renaissance to create our own samples from scratch," said Judd Hancock, a hint of a chuckle in his voice. "No one does it anymore; we enjoy featuring unrecognizable sounds."

Emotions run high throughout the band, resulting in bursts of inspiration and cohesive jam sessions.

"It's purely generational, but I think our greatest influence has been punk," said Van Rooy "We all listened to it at one point. So when we sit down to write and we've been listening to punk or post-rock or any genre… We won't imitate it, we will draw emotions from it and put them down on paper."

"I play with my guitar or my pedals more, depending on my mood and what I've been listening to," added Rafael Macias.

"When we are writing heavily, we sit down and meditate together," said Jim Mandel. "It organizes our thoughts and we can calm our brains down collectively. I think this time we're going to feel more satisfied than we ever have before at the end of it all. The sound is finally coming across the way we want it to. We work well together, especially with what everyone has been through."

The upcoming Last Exit Live show is 21 and up, and Small Leaks will be joined by New Mexico based AsInWe who are sporting their new album As Above So Below, as well as locals Celebration Guns, and Morning Theft.

Melissa Corbin is a freelance writer.
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