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South By Southwest
Music Festival

Austin, Texas
March 11 to 16
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The South By Southwest festivals has been known as a mecca for musicians since its inception and every year thousands of bands migrate toward Austin, Texas, for the annual festival.

Literally tons of musicians and their gear inundate the city with music hoping to play the right song in front of the right person at the right showcase, and make it big. Most of the bands will not have those sets of circumstances, but what they will do is network with other musicians of a similar stature and further strengthen the national musical community.

SXSW has always been on the cutting edge of not only music, but media in general and since Modern Times Magazine also considers ourselves to be on the cutting edge, this is a match made in heaven. We will spend the next few weeks highlighting as many of the exciting bands heading to SXSW both from the Phoenix Metro and from around the country, and who knows maybe even some international bands.

Should be an interesting musical adventure.
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