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Sister Lip Looks To Make

Habit Out Of SXSW

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Image by Ben Garcia.
Since It Seems That Sister Lip Has Played Every Venue In Arizona They Are Taking Their Four Piece Rock And Roll Jazz Show On The Road To Austin, But Are Also Looking Forward To Marfa


By Jeff Moses
Modern Times Magazine

Feb. 14, 2014 — Sister Lip is a band that has been popping up all over the place in the Phoenix music scene. The ferocious four piece has earned the respect and admiration of their musical peers from the smallest rooms in the Valley, all the way to the Crescent.

Phoenix musicians ranging from John Luther of The Haymarket Squares, to Danny Torgersen of Captain Squeegee, to Garnet of Dry River Yacht Club cannot sing praises loud enough for the nearly two-year-old quartet.

In 2013, Sister Lip made enormous strides in growing their in-state fanbase by playing Apache Lake Music Festival, Side Pony Music Festival, the Tucson Block Party, and dozens more events and concerts. Lead singer Cassidy Hilger and drummer Ariel Monet even took their show out of Arizona on an international tour that took them all the way to the east coast of the United States and Canada.

Though much of Sister Lip’s successes have come with bass player Cheri French, after a few shows with her replacement the Lippians are sounding as good as ever as they prepare to head east for Austin.

As many hope 2014 is the year Sister Lip adds an LP to their already impressive resume, the foursome seems to be content to continue playing as many shows as they possibly can: A formula which has thus far lead to success at the local level.

Some of their success however can be attributed to their stature as a unique band in Phoenix — an all female rock band. Heading out to SXSW will be a real test of Sister Lip’s metal as they head into an environment that will be packed to the gills with every different type of band that can be thought of.

Name of Members / Instrument:
Cassidy Hilgers, lead vocals and guitar; Jenny Rebecca, piano and backing vocals; Emily Chavilt, bass; Ariel Monet: drums.

Album’s, EP’s, and singles released:
Sister Lip EP (Demo, 2013)
Sister Lip Unplugged(2013)
Singles: Flat Pillow, Sue, Santa Baby, and Threads.

Number of trips to SXSW:
This is our first time.

Means of travel (Van, bus, train, flight etc.)
Van and Pick up truck

MTM: What does your band stand to gain from going to SXSW?
SL: We will be giving away download cards, playing a few shows and busking. So we hope to gain some new fans and do a lot of networking.

MTM: Does your band plan on playing shows on the way to SXSW? If so list them.
SL: We may play one in New Mexico on the way there, we are for sure on the way back, along with one in Marfa, Texas.

MTM: If you’ve been before what has been your best SXSW experience, if not what are the highest of high praises you have heard about the experience?
SL: I've heard that the networking is great, also high energy shows and that its good to work really hard the whole weekend you're out there even when you're not playing.

MTM: What’s the worst thing you have heard about SXSW?
SL: I've heard that a lot of locals don't go to all the shows as much as they used to because its been so commercialized.

MTM: What other bands or events are you most looking forward to at SXSW?
SL: If showtimes don't conflict I will be going to see DRYC play, also looking forward to seeing a lot of new bands from all over!

MTM: What will make Phoenix bands stand out in Austin?
SL: I've heard that people compliment Phoenix bands for being supportive of each other and helping out. We are like a BIG family and a lot of bands I know said they got complimented on that while being at SXSW.

MTM: Who would you most like to meet there?
SL: TEGAN AND SARA. Haha just kidding, but really. every one in the band has someone they would love to meet! But meeting people is awesome and everyone we meet will be amazing, one of the most awesome things is being able to hook up someone with a nice show in Phoenix and then get hooked up in a different state later!

MTM: Where/what else besides SXSW are you looking forward to doing/seeing while in Austin?
Marfa Texas! Its an alien town and they have a Prada building. Nothing much cooler than that.

MTM: Why do you think it is important for your band to attend SXSW?
I think its important because we will be meeting a lot of people, trading info, networking and playing some awesome shows to a new audience.

Jeff Moses a senior contributor at Modern Times Magazine. He can be reached at
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