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Jared & The Mill Seeking

Fun, Friendships At SXSW

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Image retrieved from Jared and The Mill official website.
Phoenix’s Local Version Of Mumford & Sons Are Hitching Up Their Wagons And Heading East For A South By Southwest Return Trip That Will Hopefully Match The Exploits Of The First


By Jeff Moses
Modern Times Magazine

Feb. 14, 2014 — No one is going to call Jared & The Mill the most original band in Phoenix, but the bluegrass six-piece has certainly carved their niche in the Phoenix music scene. They have played their Mumford & Son’s-esque music at some of The Valley’s biggest shows, and are a big part of why the shows are big in the first place.

Upon their return home from their last trip to SXSW, stories were shared of the untold riches that Jared and the Mill found from busking in the streets around Austin, and now in 2014 they are off looking for more.

This is where the photos are

Name of Members / Instrument:
Jared Kolesar, rhythm guitar and lead vocals; Larry Gast III, electric guitar; Michael Carter: Banjo/Mandolin, Chuck Morriss III, bass; Josh Morin, drums and percussion; Gabe Hall Rodrigues, accordion and keyboards.

Album’s, EP’s, and singles released:
Western Expansion (Full Album, 2013)

Number of trips to SXSW:
We've been to SXSW Once.

Means of travel (Van, bus, train, flight etc):

MTM: What does your band stand to gain from going to SXSW?
J&TM: SXSW is THE music event of the year in my opinion, it is a fantastic place to see and be seen for artists and industry types alike. What we stand to gain from this trip in particular is a reconnection with old friends and the ability to meet new ones. In an industry that relies so heavily on personal relationships, it's really important to be on a first name basis with as many people as possible.

We also hope to play in as many showcases as possible, music lovers from all over the world convene on Austin during SXSW to hear new bands and fall in love with music all over again, we hope to be an important part of that experience for as many people as possible.

MTM: Does your band plan on playing shows on the way to SXSW? If so list them.
J&TM: We're happy to be preparing for a full national tour which will end on SXSW! the time we spend on the road ahead of time will definitely show on our way out there, we always feel well practiced after a tour of this length so hopefully it will pay off for us.

MTM: If you’ve been before what has been your best SXSW experience, if not what are the highest of high praises you have heard about the experience?
J&TM: My greatest SXSW experience is probably the street performing we did everyday, it was a fantastic way to make fans because we were able to basically have a show in the places with the highest foot traffic

MTM: What’s the worst thing you have heard about SXSW?
In all honesty I don't think I can remember a part of SXSW that was not 100 percent awesome… I suppose the late nights and early mornings can be kind of rough.

MTM: What other bands or events are you most looking forward to at SXSW?
I think there are too many events to choose from, and I unfortunately haven't looked into the week as much as I should have, but I'm definitely excited to be in all those intimate venues and watching friends from the road perform!

MTM: What will make Phoenix bands stand out in Austin?
Phoenix bands will stand out for the fact that they are from Phoenix! There hasn't been a big national presence from Arizona and people will be interested to hear what kinda music Phoenix has been creating lately.  I'm excited to be a part of it!

MTM: Who would you most like to meet there?
I'd most like to meet bands that share a genre similar to my bands.  Like I said earlier it's really important to network at SXSW and a big part of that is meeting other larger bands, and then befriending them with the goal of playing with them in the future.

MTM: Where/what else besides SXSW are you looking forward to doing/seeing while in Austin?
Everybody in my band is WAAYY into BBQ, and Austin is a great city for that… so that, also the Driscoll has fantastic cocktails.

MTM: Why do you think it is important for your band to attend SXSW?
As I said before SXSW is THE place to see and be seen for bands every year.  It's an event that is filled with endless possibility for bands that work hard, I like to think that my band is hard working and I hope that we make a lasting impression on those who experience our music and our personalities.

Jeff Moses a senior contributor at Modern Times Magazine. He can be reached at
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