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Rebelution Brings

Good Vibes To Phoenix Metro

Rebelution - Skys The Limit
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Official poster of Good Vibes Tour.

The Good Vibes Tour

August 8. Doors open at 5 p.m.
Mesa Amphitheater 263 N. Center Street
Tickets can be purchased online The Mesa Amphitheater or at box office.

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Feel Good Reggae Band Rebelution Will Bring Matisyahu, Collie Buddz, and Zion I To Mesa Aug. 8 On The 2013 Good Vibes Tour


By Jeff Moses
Modern Times Magazine

July 29, 2013 — There will be good vibes — and most likely good buds — in the air when Santa Barbara-based reggae band Rebelution comes through the Valley on their Good Vibes tour with Matisyahu, Collie Buddz and Zion I on August 8. Desert reggae fans are not the only people with a good feeling about the show.

“Phoenix is one of those places we have been to a lot, it is one of the first places we toured to coming out of California, and there is always a vibrant crowd, they definitely like to sing along in Phoenix,” said Rebelution lead singer Eric Rachmany.

Rebelution hasn’t graced the Phoenix metro with their reggae stylings since Sept. 16, 2011 when they came through the Mesa Amphitheater on tour supporting Slightly Stoopid. Now in their first trip to Phoenix in well over a year, they are headlining the 5,000-person venue.

Slightly Stoopid are not the only great act Rebelution has played with. The five piece rockin’ reggae act has participated in the Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival, Austin City Limits, and even the Glastonbury Music Festival.

“It’s such a good feeling to keep growing as a band, we are just so fortunate to be able to play music, overall it makes me really happy,” said Rachmany who has seen his band grow since their self-titled 2006 EP, to where they are today as an internationally touring band.

Rebelution will be coming to Mesa just a few short weeks after returning from a 12-day, 10-show European tour.

“We were in Portugal last week, and I could not figure out how the people knew our music. It’s a different country, they don’t speak too much English but they knew Rebelution. It’s such a great feeling when you travel long distances and find people that relate to your music,” he said.

While on tour, the band will also be writing their upcoming album. Rachmany said they are about halfway through and hope to be recording it by October, for release in early 2014. The yet-to-be-named album will be Rebelution’s fourth studio record following 2012’s Piece of Mind, 2009’s Bright Side of Life, and 2007’s Courage to Grow.

Going along with Rebelution will be Matisyahu, Collie Buddz, and Zion I.

“Matisyahu is one guy we haven’t played with too much but we are always happy to tour with artists that we enjoy. Collie Buddz we haven’t played with too extensively either, but he brings a good positive message, and Zion I is one of my favorite hip-hop groups. It’s going to be fun, we get to play with great acts with an overall positive message,” said Rachmany.

Maintaining that positive message has been a key aspect of Rebelution’s growth as a band both in studio, and in live shows.

“I do believe our live shows have gotten better over the years, and I just hope when it’s over everyone leaves with a positive outlook. I mean we started out with just a couple of trucks, and now we have to big buses and a whole operation. We just love what we do and hope that the crowds will sing along with us,” Rachmany said.

The Good VIbes Tour will be stopping at the Mesa Amphitheater, 263 N. Center Street, on August 8. Doors open at 5 p.m., tickets can be purchased from The Mesa Amphitheater box office, or online at

Jeff Moses is Music/Arts editor at Modern Times Magazine. He can be reached at
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