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Prime Cuts 2012

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Did Adam Lambert Beat Friedrich Nietzsche And Was It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Able To Defeat The Remake Of Red Dawn? Read The List And Find Out  


By Staff Report
Modern Times Magazine

Jan. 3, 2013 — We love to be entertained.

One need look no further than the Modern Times Magazine Music/Arts Prime Cuts 2012. From hip hop to glam rock to zombies and everywhere in between, someone is looking to spend a few moments basking in the creations of others.

Our most read Music/Arts articles of 2012 cover all that ground and even stretch into the world of a philosopher like Friedrich Nietzsche.

Don’t be an Ubermensch. Read the list.

No. 7 — “Red Dawn Remake Is Still A Bad Idea”

When we at Modern Times Magazine heard a few years ago that Hollywood was remaking Red Dawn, one of the penultimate films of the 1980s, we shook our heads in disgust. Then, when we heard that it had been shelved because it portrayed China as the aggressor, were struck with hilarity.

Then, when infamous writer Jeff Moses finally tackled the subject for our pages, we were glad it was he who wrote the article.

Like Mr. Moses, this piece is funny, witty and bitingly honest.

And, remaking Red Dawn is STILL a bad idea.
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No. 6 — “The Entertainment Of Lauryn Hill”

Mr. Moses’ authorship makes another appearance on the Music/Arts Prime Cuts 2012 list with his exploration of Lauryn Hill’s Phoenix visit in December.

Some writers throw effusive praise wherever they can, but Jeff Moses never pulls his punches: he is never afraid to slam an artist if they deserve it. So, when he wrote that Hill, “showed the sold out house why she has eight Grammys to her credit,” you can bet it was a good show.
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No. 5 — “Philip Winchester Discusses Strike Back

New writer Joey Hancock hit an in-the-park homerun in his first at bat for Modern Times Magazine with his interview of Philip Winchester of the Cinemax series Strike Back.

Winchester related how he felt it was an honor to emulate unsung soldiers. Most refreshing, though, was getting a chance to hear an actor talk about how what they do is more fun than normal work. Like the life of a writer, it is nice work if you can get it.
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No. 4 — “Dissecting The Walking Dead

Brad Hamilton, an old friend of the editor of this magazine, loves zombie entertainment.

So, his explanation of the power of the AMC series The Walking Dead was as expected — just about spot on. When he panned Time magazine TV critic Nate Rawlings for lamenting that the pace was too slow it was like a master hunter stalking his prey.

“Sorry, big-time media critic, but you just don't get it. The Walking Dead is a comic-book television series. It is not just about action, it is about the drama. Plot-lines take several issues to come to a conclusion and the interim is filed with minor battles and just enough to make you buy the next issue. The Walking Dead moves as fast as TNT’s Saving Grace or David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. This is not just moving pictures, its introspective and it is instantly classic,” Hamilton wrote.

Hopefully they won’t steal, you, Brad.
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No. 3 — “Phoenix Comicon Energizes Memorial Day Weekend”

Hamilton and comics are part of the Music/Arts Prime Cuts 2012 once again with this preview of the southwest’s premier comic convention: Phoenix Comicon.

Even though William Shatner pulled out just before the event, there is no slowing this event and the excitement that surrounds it. It grows each and every year and there is no sign of it slowing down.

And while we love it and its excited fans, we do wish that most of them knew as much about their local, state and national government as they do about Starfleet.
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No. 2 — “It’s Always Nietzsche In Philadelphia”

Does the hilarity and popularity of the FX series It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia prove that Friedrich Nietzsche was right and that God is dead?

Well, Wayne Schutsky premised so — tongue firmly in cheek — and actors on the show and fans everywhere seemed to agree.

He wrote, “In other words, the Gang is preaching Nietzsche to the late-night comedy crowd. They are systematically dismembering every facet of control society has imposed on the mass populace, from religion to government to common courtesy.”

Yup, He is dead, or at least vacationing in Philly.
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No. 1 — “Adam Lambert On Queen, Trespassing”

Music/Arts Editor and Co-publisher Joe Lopez has written for, and been a part of, a bunch of great magazines over the years. He has interviewed the likes of Gene Simmons, and a slew of other rock legends.

But many now know him for an interview he did with Adam Lambert when he appeared in Arizona this fall. Lopez — always in the know — was interested in Lambert’s recent collaboration with the surviving members of Queen.

Fans loved it.

Rock on, Joey. You're No. 1.
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