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New Phoenix Record Label

Parties For A Cause

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President Gator launch party flyer. Party features Miniature Tigers band with Charlie Brand, Gospel Claws, Roar and Bogan Via.
The New Record Label That Will Produce Actual Vinyl Records Will Donate All Proceeds To The Family Of Valley Favorite Mark Erickson


By Wayne Schutsky
Modern Times Magazine

Oct. 12, 2012 — This Saturday, Oct. 13, the Phoenix music scene will celebrate the inception of President Gator Records, the newest local music label, with a party and concert at the Crescent Ballroom.

Founded by current Stateside Presents Director of Operations Jeremiah Gratza, the label will produce 7-inch vinyl records. Along with the $10 price of admission, patrons will get their choice of one of the record's first two releases, featuring local acts Bogan Via (with a Miniature Tigers' Remix) on one record and Gospel Claws and ROAR on the other.

The concert lineup will include Miniature Tigers (an acoustic evening with Charlie Brand), Gospel Claws, ROAR (an acoustic evening with Owen Evans), and Bogan Via.
Rather than use the party to help fund the label, Gratza stated that all profits from the show will go to the children of late local musician Mark Erickson. Erickson was a close friend of Gratza's and a member of both Gospel Claws and ROAR.

The name of the label is derived from Gratza’s nom de plume — President Gator — which he has used throughout the time he was building his varied and extensive career in the Phoenix music scene including promoting shows and managing bands in Phoenix and Tucson. He has worked with many local bands, including Peachcake, Skybox, Asleep in the Sea and The Hot Guy Band. Gratza also toured and booked with Hellogoodbye until 2005.

“Over this whole time I used the name "President Gator" for everything I did from managing, booking, promoting, to even DJing. Now I am using the name for a 7" record label I am starting. The first two releases will be for my personal favorite local bands right now, Bogan Via (with a remix by Miniature Tigers), Gospel Claws and ROAR on baby pink & blue vinyl,” Gratza said.

The Crescent Ballroom is located at 308 N. 2nd Ave. in Phoenix.

Wayne Schutsky is a freelance writer living in Phoenix. Follow him @TheManofLetters.
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