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Be Hearing: DJ Scapegoat

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Andy Cooper Is The Man Behind The Goat And While He Works On His ASU History Degree, He Brings A Healthy Dose Of Hip-Hop History To His Performances


By Jeff Moses
Modern Times Magazine

July 2, 2014 — DJ Scapegoat is the best DJ in Phoenix you have never heard of. He may not have the name recognition of the legendary DJentrification or the incomparable Pickster One, but that’s only because he’s just getting started.

The Goat’s extensive collection of vinyl is expansive enough to fill in the space at any live music event to keep the crowd going in between bands. But where Scapegoat really stands out are on his hip-hop mixes.

As one half of Phoenix based hip-hop duo Abstract Ninos, Andy Cooper’s ear for hip-hop is phenomenal, and he shows it off as often as possible. Scapegoat’s live mixes are always a great time and extremely easy to dance to. He puts the right tracks together to make every unique mix fit together like Lego pieces. He is also a huge fan of The Simpsons and one of his trademarks is having Simpsons toys on his table, as well as often mixing in songs from the iconic television show.

While hip hop may be his strongest style, Scapegoat brings more than rap to the table when he’s doing a show. A worldly music fan and festival head, Cooper also brings a wide array of EDM and world music vinyl as well. Most times he is mixing hip hop all throughout, but when he goes on a tare of EDM he is always liable to get the asses shaking.

Scapegoat can be found regularly at Fair Trade Cafe, 1020 N. First Ave., for the “Cultivat’n Culture” Open Mic on Monday evenings. But he is also known to be out and about at off-beat events like HotRock Supa Joint’s birthday parts, the Sex Worker OutReach Project’s Sex Positive Dance Party earlier in the year, as well as a lot of other obscure art events at venues like the Firehouse Gallery and Hidden House.

His transcendent talent to get the party going will only remain dormant for so long, as it is inevitable that Scapegoat will find his way into some of this towns biggest dance nights, and most likely end up hosting his own. Catch him for free or cheap while you can!    

Jeff Moses a senior contributor at Modern Times Magazine. He can be reached at
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