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Megadeth Kills ‘Em All

On A Wednesday At The Fair

Images by Jeff Moses.
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Maybe Dave Mustaine Will Eventually Get Over The Fact That He Was Fired From Metallica Right Before They Became Rich And Famous, But Maybe He’ll Start Blaming Obama Instead


By Jeff Moses
Modern Times Magazine

Nov. 2, 2013 — So apparently the state fair did not mind having a cover band play the Veterans Memorial Coliseum in a headlining slot on Oct. 30, because Metallica cover band Megadeth was on stage that night playing all the hits in their last show of their most recent tour.

They opened with “Master of Puppets,” and kept the driving guitars going through “Fight Fire With Fire,” “Sanitarium,” and “Ride the Lightning.” But in all seriousness, is Dave Mustaine not the biggest Metallica wannabe on the planet?

Everyone gets it Dave, getting thrown out of Metallica in the early 80’s was the defining moment of your life, cool. But why does all of the music that you and your band has made since need to sound just like Kill ‘Em All?

Even after 11 Grammy nominations, six platinum albums, and a million other accolades, Megadeth is still naught to Dave Mustaine except little more than middle finger upright and center directed at Lars Ulrich and James Hetfield.

Even the look of the band feels like a fuck you to Metallica. Mustaine and his cohorts were dressed in their most chic pressed jeans and button downs like Metallica has began doing. But with Megadeth, the hair remains as long as it was when they got going in 1984. We get it, fellas, you’re way more metal than “that other band.”

The show was like a conglomeration of every stereotype ever created about aging metal bands. The unkempt long hair, the horrible attire, they even had a five-stair staircase on stage for photo ops in front of the drummer. It looked like the Mark Wahlberg movie “Rockstar” at a retirement home starring Carrot Top.

Admittedly the Coliseum was far more packed for Megadeth than any of the other Wednesday night acts, and it’s always cool to see a band performing with original members, of which Megadeth had two, Mustaine and original bass player Dave Ellefson.

But truly one must ask, “what is the appeal of Megadeth?” Perhaps the show was so packed because the day before halloween is a good day for metal. Or maybe everyone came out to see “The Big Unit” Randy Johnson shooting photos in the pit. Because it does not seem as though so many people could be excited to watch Metallica’s redheaded step child at the State Fair.

Maybe the draw was from the Tea Party, free to love Mustaine and Megadeth now that he came out behind Rick Santorum in the 2012 presidential election?

To be fair, Megadeth did play some hits worthy of headbanging and some mosh-worthy tunes, but very often it did not sound as though the guitar solos were meant to go along with the rest of the music. The guitar solos just did not sound very good, perhaps that’s a misunderstood nuance of thrash metal, but more likely it is the doing of a tired band finishing up a tour in a show they did not necessarily want to play.

The drums were obnoxiously loud, and at some point drowned out the other instruments. Perhaps the fault of the band’s sound crew, or a drummer hitting those kick drum pedals to hard. The bass player played right into those aforementioned metal stereotypes. The best part of the show was most assuredly the crowd, because many of them chose to headbang from a seated position which was quite a thing to watch.

Banging heads is Megadeth’s business and, business appears to be be good.

Jeff Moses a senior contributor at Modern Times Magazine. He can be reached at
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