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The Impressive Sounds

Of Matt And Kim

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Kim Schifino. All images by Jeff Moses.
The Appeal Of The Dynamic Duo From Brooklyn Came Through Clearly At Their Phoenix Appearance: Catchy Tunes With A Fun, Lively Yet Down To Earth Attitude


By Jeff Moses
Modern Times Magazine

March 11, 2013 — Dynamic power pop duo Matt and Kim canceled their scheduled performance in Tempe Oct. 23, due to pianist Matt Johnson having bronchitis.

But bummed-out fans were rewarded less than six months later.

On March 9 they made amends and the Williamsburg hipsters made the five-month wait worthwhile by selling out the Marquee Theater and putting the capacity crowd into a frenzied state of excitement with catchy dance punk tunes.

Don’t believe me? Then ask the three kids who had to get rescued from the front center of the venue by Marquee security because they couldn’t handle being in the middle of the raucous sold out crowd during the first five songs.

This was Matt and Kim’s first trip to the Valley since Sept. 30, 2011 when they opened for pop-punk icons Blink 182 at Tempe Beach Park during Fall Frenzy and in all honesty I think their days as an opening act are over.

At least they are if the line reaching almost all the way to the 202 freeway of people trying to get tickets to the sold out show is any indicator of their future draw in Phoenix.

Matt Johnson and Kim Schifino are definitely primed to head back into the Downtown Phoenix scene. Only this time it won’t be the intimate art gallery/music venue Trunk Space hosting the Brooklyn natives, as they did in Dec. of 2006.

It will need to be one of the bigger venues like US Airways Center or Comerica Theater, assuming they aren’t ready for the mega jump to Glendale and the cavernous Arena.

Regardless of which venue they play next time they come around it is absolutely certain that Matt and Kim is a band on the rise, and their fan base is only getting bigger.

Their rising career slope is partly due to their over-produced catchy pop songs like “Let’s Go” and “Daylight” that are finding their way onto radio station playlists nationwide, and into corporate TV commercials. But their appeal is also due to their off-the-wall live performances where the crowd can’t help but get involved in the fun.

From their triumphant entrance, to having the crowd blow up balloons to release into the air, to drummer Kim Schifino dancing on the outstretched palms of the audience, the engagement between artist and audience never stops at their shows.

Matt even traversed the stage from time to time shooting off confetti guns. Which in the time of laser light shows seems cheesy, but truly added one more wonderful dimension to the show.

Certain bands clearly give it everything they’ve got and enjoy doing it. Judging by the steam coming off of Matt and Kim’s bodies, their sweat covered clothing, and the huge smiles throughout the night, Matt and Kim is definitely one of those bands.

They seem as though they would be just as happy busking in Times Square as they would be headlining Coachella, and right now it seems the latter will be happening well before the former.

Jeff Moses is a senior contributor to Modern Times Magazine.
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