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Bands From Different Lands:

Kitten Pyramid

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In The First Edition Of What Is A New Monthly Series Reveals A U.K. Based Progressive Rock Band That Literally Plays For Better Mental Health


By Jeff Moses
Modern Times Magazine

June 15, 2014 — Every band seems to have a cause these days whether it is G.M.O.’s, global warming, or income inequality. A rebirth of the activist musician of the 1960s is a real phenomenon around the world.

And, its is not just a publicity stunt. Most of the bands that are clamoring for the opportunity to attach their music to the fight against a plague upon mankind truly want that change to come to fruition. The Burton, U.K. based psychedelic six piece, Kitten Pyramid. are also riding that wave, but with a bit different of an approach.

In an effort to promote Arts For Health, a project designed to encourage art-based  programing at U.K. psychiatric facilities, Kitten Pyramid played a small tour of some of England’s mental health hospitals. Included in their tour was St. Georges Hospital in Stafford England where Kitten Pyramid front man and diagnosed schizophrenic Scott Milligan was once a patient.

Their debut album, Uh OH (2014) is actually partially paying tribute to the self discoveries Milligan made while living at the hospital. The CD clearly takes influence from English prog rock gods Pink Floyd, but they do it without blatantly stealing. Their music incorporates a great deal of punk, folk, and even some metal elements, while keeping a distinctly progressive tone to the music.

“In particular music can stimulate memories and promote a sense of well being as well as provide opportunities for social interaction and friendship,” said a press release issued from Staffordshire and Shropshire Healthcare. Which are really interesting words because while listening to the bands three singles posted to their website “ Uh Oh,” “Traffic,” and, “English Rosa,” i definitely thought of some memories (like the first time i heard Pink Floyd), but i definitely felt pretty good about it.

The group seems to be pretty serious about their music as they prepare to headline the Alsager Music Festival in Milton Park, U.K. But they also seem pretty serious about Arts For Health as they donated all of the profits from the Pub shows accompanying the Mental Institute shows to the organization.

The band may not be jumping the pond any time soon for a stateside show, but if you dig their sound, buy their record and help make it happen.

Jeff Moses a senior contributor at Modern Times Magazine. He can be reached at
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