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Jane’s Addiction Still Has

Fans Hooked

A selection of images from the Jane's Addiction concert at the Arizona State Fair in October 2012. Photos by Michael Ufnal.
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Perry Farrell goes theatrical. Images by Michael Ufnal.
More Than 25 Years After Forming In Los Angeles, Iconic Band Still Delivers An Eclectic, Polished Stage Show That Few Can Approach


By Joe Lopez
Modern Times Magazine

Oct. 30, 2012 — When the Arizona State Fair announced their fall lineup this summer and Jane’s Addiction was part of it, I was excited and scared at the same time.

Having been in attendance at a handful of Jane’s shows in the past — which rank among the best events, ever — excitement was warranted. But at the same time, one had to wonder whether they can still deliver.

These guys are all nearing or past 50 by now, after all.

Their newest album, The Great Escape Artist, peaked at No. 12 after it was released in October 2011, displaying a continuing fan base. Although their albums have never been able to rival the power of their live shows — one just never knows what they are going to get 10 or more years later.

But as soon as the lights dropped at Veterans Memorial Coliseum last week, it was clear that Jane’s Addiction was nearly as powerful live as they had been in their heyday: and that their fans were still hooked.

With Perry Farrell, Dave Navarro and drummer Stephen Perkins intact from the classic lineup — only original member Eric Avery is not part of this current incarnation, having been replaced by bassist Chris Chaney — the band did not disappoint. From the opening number it was onto "The Mountain Song" which was met by massive applause.

The band then went on to play their greatest and more. "Been Caught Stealing" got the crowd dancing like it was 1990.

One of the highlights was an acoustic (sort of) version of "Jane Says.” By this point it became clear that these guys are performing at a level comparable to their early days.

And maybe, they are better than they have ever been.

But they weren’t done, yet.

A tribal drumming sequence brilliantly segued into “Stop!” which thrilled the crowd. Farrell even led the crowd to sing the chorus which figuratively brought the house down.

So my fears were unfounded. Jane’s Addiction is still a great band.

And maybe one of the best live and in-person.

If you missed them at the Arizona State Fair — for like, $30 — then you surely missed something special.

Joe Lopez is Music/Arts Editor of Modern Times Magazine.
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