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Rubber Brother Prepares

To Show Out With Blow Out

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Instructions Set To Headline Rubber Brother Records’ First Big Show Since Their Former Tempe-Based Venue, The Parliament Shut Down At Trunk Space In Downtown Phoenix


By Jeff Moses
Modern Times Magazine

Sept. 24, 2014 — Rubber Brother Records has been relatively quiet since the early September closure of their venue and office in Tempe The Parliament. But after clearing their stuff out of the space, releasing a tape or two, and sending their marquee band Playboy Manbaby on tour with Leonardo DiCapricorn, they are ready to make a little noise in the Valley.

Rubber Brother is going to rally at a venue which head-man Robbie Pfeffer often says is his favorite in Phoenix, The Trunk Space, 1506 NW Grand Ave. The event has a $8 ticket price, and is all ages.

Rubber Brother will be rallying around one of their most musically different bands, Instructions. Most of the local Rubber Brother label is bringing a poppy garage / surf rock sound but Instructions has a far more experimental feel to their tracks.

Instructions is going to be releasing their new cassette tape Summer Ghost Town in a locally star-studded event featuring Treasure MammaL, Playboy Manbaby, Thin Bloods, Leonardo DiCapricorn, and Rhode Island-based Gymshorts on Sept. 26. The release was originally scheduled to be at The Parliament and include Twin Ponies, Daisy, Talent Scout, and a few other locals that Instructions front man T.J. Friga felt were under recognized.

“We wanted to keep the same bill and do it elsewhere but it was getting later and later and we couldn't find a venue that felt sarisfacrory,” said Friga.

“We really wanted Parliament because we’ve been a part of it for so long,” added drummer Chad Dennis. But with time running out and options getting thin Instructions decided to jump on the Rubber Brother Blow Out which they are now headlining

Even though they the lost their ideal venue Instructions are still happy with how the show ended up, “now that this is all in motion it is pretty set in my head and I can’t envision it in any other way,” said Friga. “It’s huge to us, we get to be the people holding up the flag that says ‘we’re not dead.” Not dead indeed as the DIY label looks to pack a venue on the first night of one of the biggest musical event in Phoenix in 2014, Summers End Music Festival. “This is the first major rubber heavy hitters get together since Parliament.”

Friga and Dennis will both be playing at Summers End in Playboy Manbaby, but for them, the album weighs a little heavier.

“I know the festival is a big deal, but the release is a big deal to me. These are songs we’ve been working on for probably over a year and so to have finally recorded them and be able to show them to people is going to be a huge feeling of release for everyone involved,” said Friga. “It’s the first time we all have been really behind the proceedings. A lot of the time we will record something and put it out and look back at it and be like there’s so many things I would have done differently. But not with this one. It’s the first recording we’ve made where we did it and then sat on it. Normally we record and have a fire under our butts and put it out three days later.”

The group put every finishing touch they could on it going back for three different mixes before settling on one, all engineered by Fred Wong formerly of Of Then Painted Choir. Putting that much effort into a recording is somewhat of an anomaly for a a Rubber Brother Band. The labels last big release show saw the headliners, Playboy Manbaby and Thin Bloods record their albums with just days left before the show.

“Despite them sounding so much different than us, they are all our best friends and this scene that got started with Parliament and Tempe that’s the kind of scene I want to be in, that’s what I want to see at show,” said Friga. “Even though we aren’t a trashy garage band or anything I still like the sweaty, muffled, fuzzed out aesthetic of playing at a house show or at Parliament.  Kinda push the elements to their threshold.”

As the reigning Rubber Brother Records Basketball Tournament of Champions, Instructions likes to push the elements on the basketball court as well. According to Friga, they decimated the competition leaving nothing but devastation in their wake.

“You know, I really like basketball, and I probably go the gym twice a week to work on my shot and shit,” said Friga. “But before the tournament everyone was saying to watch out for Wally (Boudway) and Wooden Indian and that they were going to kick our ass, and then come the day of the tournament not a single member of Wooden Indian could be found.”

“I just want to call out Wooden Indian, not for their music cause we love their music, but come play us on the basketball court,” said Friga.

Jeff Moses a senior contributor at Modern Times Magazine. He can be reached at
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