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Hot Rock: The Weed, Satire,

And Hip-Hop King Of Phoenix

Images supplied by Supa Joint.

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The Leader Of Supa Joint Is Becoming A Regular At Valley Hip-Hop Shows And Comedy Nights With His Unique Brand Of Satire, Performance Art, Weed Crusading And Musical Talents


By Jeff Moses
Modern Times Magazine

Aug. 5, 2013 — Hot Rock of Supa Joint is an interesting looking guy. Standing about six feet six inches tall he already stuck out in a crowd without his trademark wig and tattoos. But when he brings himself out in costume it’s like a super funky, stoned alien is walking the streets of Phoenix.

When asked how much of his act is satire on hip-hop weed culture and how much is for real, his response was, “my mustache is real.” But his totally weed-based, hip-hop/comedy schtick is resonating with Valley crowds as he has found himself playing big time shows like the Medical Marijuana Growers Cup.

On July 27 at The Lo Cash Ninja’s punk rock show he stuck out that much more. He sat down — never leaving the character he created or sharing his birth-name — to talk Supa Joint, weedlife, and everything else ‘Hot Rock.’

Modern Times Magazine: So what’s Supa Joint all about?
Hot Rock: Motha fuckin Supa Joint yo. 2010 is when it started. I was pissed off about the marijuana laws because Arizonans had decided they wanted to have medicinal marijuana and the state started causing problems about it. Supa Joint is all about the fuckin weed homie all about selling the weed the idea and concept of weed and getting it in people’s faces so they understand that weed’s not that bad of thing. Because weed ain’t that bad of a thing. I don't fucking drink that much, I smoke weed, I smoke weed all day everyday thats what I do.

MTM: How much weed do you go through in a day?
HR: I don’t know man, I’m usually high. Shit just keeps rolling in. I got some guy that delivers it to me.

MTM:Do you smoke more on show days, or non show days?
HR: Everyday is a show day for Hot Rock yo, all day everyday I want to be living the fucking weedlife all the time and that’s my plan.

MTM: Why did you decide to get on stage and do Supa Joint?
HR: I don’t think there’s enough weed songs in the world, dude. I went online I went on YouTube and I grabbed 187 songs about weed to put on my play list, and that ain’t enough. I'm on Sound Cloud and there’s a lot of weed people on soundcloud but there just ain’t enough songs about weed yo. So there needs to be more. So my new album Rollin Stoned eight more songs about the weed.

MTM: Is Hot Rock Supa Joint about anything other than the weed?
HR: Money and bitches too. I like blowjobs, those are pretty cool. I fuckin write about the blowjobs. A lot of these rappers, it’s the concept of reality I think that Supa Joint is going to the heart of. We all know that weed ain’t shit, we all know that there nothing fucking wrong with weed.  It’s curing people of cancer, shit’s good and the man keeps it down while he lets everybody smoke all the tobacco they want and drink all the alcohol they want. 400,000 deaths off the cigarettes and zero deaths on the weed and weed’s the bad shit. The reason weeds the bad shit is because it makes you think differently then the man wants you to think and he don't like that shit.

MTM: Where are you from Hotrock?
HR: I’m from Europe.

MTM: Europe?
HR: My daddy Pop Rock he tells me that I’m from Europe. I don't fucking know, dude I'm so high all the time I don't remember where I was last week. That shit was fucking years ago.

MTM: What was the first show you played?
HR: The first show I played was the Lost Leaf and that was fucking awesome. Volcom and I said, ‘hey yo let’s write these fucking songs about weed,’ and I said ‘yeah.’ Yeah that was the first show.

MTM: Any plans of taking Supa Joint on tour?
HR: I mean, I got plans of going tour, but I haven't set any dates yet. No I'm going to start doing the Southwest I want to go to L.A., Flagstaff, I gotta hit that ya know.

MTM: How much weed do you feel like you need to bring with you on tour?
HR: I’m going to bring no weed, and I’m going to rely on the people that are seeing my shows. And the reason is I don't need to go to motherfucking jail. I can't be slinging fat beats and dope rhymes from jail so I don't want to have it when I cross state lines.

MTM: Tell me more about Volcom.
HR: Volcom is my motherfuckin’ brother yo, he’s badass. He’s a bass player. He lives, breathes, eats, shits the bass — and weed — and he’s awesome.

MTM: Who can smoke more weed you or Volcom?
HR: I bet Volcom could. I mean Volcom’s got the stamina. I don’t know we should test that I don't think we’ve tried that yet.

MTM: How many groupies is Supa Joint seeing per show?
HR: Are we defining groupies as girls who show their tits off?

MTM: How many girls are going home with you at the end of the night?
HR: Man, it’s more about the weed to me yo. I mean I love the pussy just as much as everybody else, but I’m there to get high. I get the pussy when I want the pussy, I want the weed. I’m in this for the weed. I love the money and I love the bitches but I want the weed.

MTM: Tell me about the first time you encountered marijuana.
HR: I could tell you exactly when the first time was. I was fucking hanging out with my baby sitter sitting there and she thought it would be funny to put me in front of the TV with Pink Floyd’s The Wall on and give me a beer and a joint. I was like 9. She’s making out with her boyfriend behind me and the phone rings and It’s my mom and she goes you get my boy Hot Rock home right now, and that’s the first thing I remember about weed. It was crazy, yo, I saw shit. I started laughing and Pink Floyd The Wall is a fucked up thing for a 9 year old but it defines who I am now.

MTM: Where would hotrock Supa Joint be right now if that never happened?
HR: I bet I’d be working at an Alphagraphics, not a Kinkos cause those are some corporate motherfuckers, Alphagraphics.

MTM: Does any part of you wish that you never encountered marijuana, and you had ended up at the Alphagraphics?
HR: That shit don’t matter. I’ve been watching a lot of TV while I've been high lately and I’ve been watching all this stuff thats on the History Channel and the Science Channel. They be talking about wormholes and shit and alternate realities and like fractal trigonometry and all that calculus bullshit and the possibilities so I am existing on all places.

MTM: An earthquake happens, and you can save either your mother or your bong, what do you do?
HR: Mom, cause yo dude it’s about the mom you ain’t going to learn to respect women if you don’t respect your own mama. I can get a new bong. Getting a new mom is expensive. Bongs are cheap.

MTM: What’s the largest amount of marijuana you have ever smoked in one sitting?
HR: Don’t you lose track when you’re really smoking the good shit and you’re smoking a lot of it? You start forgetting how many bowls you smoke. I could go through a quarter pound like that with a group of people. I mean that’s a piece of cake. Roll it up into a giant blunt and pass it around 100 times and everybody gets high. I was part of this gang when I was kid. It was called the 56th street easter bunnies. My pants are too tight or I’d show you my fucking gang sign. 56th street easter bunnies hop hop shout out to the homies. You don’t get jumped in to the 56th street easter bunnies you get smoked in. The way you get smoked in is everybody goes into a closet or a tent or wherever the fuck you are tight confined place. And everybody’s got a utensil full of weed and everyone starts passing them as quick as you can and hot boxing yourself and you go through a bunch man. Its great to go through fuckin weed, I love smoking weed.

MTM: Is there anything you would rather do than sing songs about smoking weed?
HR: I bet it would be cool to wake up everyday and grow weed. I’ve never grown the weed. I always get the weed. I love weed but I ain’t growin the shit yet.

MTM: What’s your favorite strain?
HR: My friend had this White Widow mixed with Alaskan Thunderfuck. I was up in Oregon and my homie is all look hey look check this out and he takes me down to the basement. Pow, he’s got all these plants and I’m like shit and he’s like yes and we smoked a whole bunch of it and he had this Alaskan Thunderfuck White Widow shit that knocked me on my ass.

MTM: How did you feel the day Prop 203 passed?
HR: It’s not enough dude. I’m happy, but It’s not enough. See because I been in Phoenix for a while and I remember Prop. 200 back in the 1990s. That was the same goddamn thing and it passed by like 63 percent and elected officials at the time said no we can’t have that. We don’t want to be that kind of state even though 63 percent of the people said yeah we can be that kind of state its cool. And they clamped down on the shit and found the loopholes to knock it out and it was gone. And that was the first time I voted and I didn’t vote again until this last time and it went through again and that fucking made me stoked. I’m happy that it passed but I want that shit legalized. (editor’s note: Prop. 200 passed in 1996 with 65 percent of the vote and was invalidated by the state legislature.)

How far do you see yourself going with Supa Joint?
HR: I want to be the fucking Larry The Cable Guy of weed, yo. Thats what I want to do. I’ll keep writing as long as I got something to say about it, and until the shit’s legal I’ll have something to say about it.

Jeff Moses is the Music/Arts editor at Modern Times Magazine. He can be reached at
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