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Diego’s Umbrella:

New-Age Gypsy Music Men

Diego's Umbrella.
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Diego's Umbrella, a new-age band based out of the Bay-Area.
The Bay-Area Based Band Of Irresistible Musicians Will Bring Their Unique And Contagious Brand Of Rock To Phoenix Thursday


By Joe Lopez
Modern Times Magazine

Aug. 1, 2012 — Those who haven’t heard about Diego’s Umbrella might need to prepare themselves.

Part European gypsy troupe, part nouveau hipsters, blended with musicianship and a party atmosphere live show, Diego’s Umbrella hearkens to the best of the past while remaining firmly planted in the future. But most of all, they still have the rock n’ roll attitude that made the genre great.

Think we might be embellishing the resume of a band that has enchanted us through their tunes and the promise of a superior, raucous live show? Well, peruse a quote provided us by their press agents.

“First of all, we're incredibly handsome. Third, we have a natural gift and relentless desire to entertain our audiences to the point of exhaustion. We channel the lovechild of James Brown and Johnny Rotten," said Tyson Maulhardt.

One is left to wonder what the “second” thing that defines a Diego’s Umbrella show might be.

But the fact is, by all accounts, while the quote might at first blush appear to be braggadocio and sarcastically effusive at the same time, listening to tracks from their new album, Proper Cowboy and watching video from their live show, it is dead-on accurate. Best yet, they will be bringing this travelling roadshow to the Crescent Ballroom Thursday at 8 p.m. Tickets are $10. 602-716-2222.

For tickets, visit

The enigmatic Diego’s Umbrella is Tyson Maulhardt, Vaughn Lindstrom, Ben Leon, Red Cup, Jason Kleinberg, and Jake Wood. They have been called San Francisco's ambassadors of Gypsy Rock.

Proper Cowboy is Diego's Umbrella's fourth album to date and it tips it's hat to to the raucous dance parties the band played in their early days in Croatia, but is quintessentially American rock n roll. This album marks a first time collaboration with San Francisco producers The Rondo Brothers — MC Lars, Foster the People. The union has resulted in reverb-soaked guitars and gypsy fiddles augmented by an army of tubas, analog synths and soaring vocals in what the band calls a "futuristic Spaghetti-Western soundtrack."

That only seems to make sense as the band credits both Ennio Morricone — Sergio Leone’s longtime composer — and Sonny and Cher as inspirations for the album.

We have a feeling that those that go to the show will find that “second” thing missing from that quote.

Either way, a good time seems assured.

Joe Lopez is co-publisher of Modern Times Magazine.
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