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Apache Lake Music Festival

2014 Wishlist

Background image by Buck--Fever and used under a Creative Commons license.

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ALMF Is Preparing For Their Fourth Annual Festival And Since The Lineup Has Not Been Released Yet Here Is Our 10 Best Hopefuls For The Lakeside Party



6. The Hourglass Cats

The Hourglass Cats are often pegged as a reggae band, perhaps due in part to their initials being THC. But in the past year the group has made strides to replace that reggae image with more of an indie rock image, while maintaining their ability play reggae and ska/reggae songs. Last year THC played a late evening indoor set at ALMF, but since then they have played McDowell Mountain Music Festival and have been named as part of Uplift festival along with Tribal Theory and Fortunate Youth. Front Man Cori Rios has a great voice and when the horn section is in full strength there is hardly a better one or a rock band in Arizona. THC seems ripe for a primetime set on the festival’s mainstage.

7. Treasure Mammal

The thing about the Phoenix music scene, is there really is more than one. While some people lament that Phoenix doesn’t have the scene of cities like L.A. and Seattle, Treasure Mammal celebrates the weirdness that exists in Phoenix. They’d be another great group for a late night indoor set because frontman Abe GIl brings the energy 100 percent of the time. While T-Mams does not necessarily fit in with the music generally associated with ALMF, a crazy weird party is something that both Treasure Mammal and ALMF should be able to get behind.

8. Jerusafunk

Jerusafunk have not existed for all that long, but in the time they have, they have made a really interesting sound. The groovy six-piece mixes middle eastern sounding music along with good old American funk to create what their Facebook page describes as “Old School Sexified Jewish Folk Funk Dinner Dance Music.” It would be a great act for Saturday afternoon. Energetic enough to get the juices going but laid back enough to not scare anybody. The group is comprised of some really talented musicians and would make for a great edition to the lineup after their date at Firefly Gathering.

9. Scorpion Vs. Tarantula

Scorpion Vs Tarantula is one of the best bands that currently resides in Phoenix. Front woman L. Hotshot is head and shoulders above just about every other lead singer in town and the band backs up her attitude in spades with their musicianship. Last year the festival welcomed bands like The Black Moods and Banshee Bones and SVT is very similar to those acts, only better. Scorpion Vs. Tarantula would be a guaranteed high energy act anywhere on the lineup, and are just a well put together rock and roll act that can hang with just about anyone.

10. Katterwaul

Katterwaul is a four-piece blues and rock band out of Tucson that is pretty terrific. They have only been around for a little more than a year but they have the sound and the aesthetic of a band that is going places. They would fit right in at ALMF with bands Banana Gun, Japhy’s Descent, and Sara Robinson and the Midnight Special. Maybe they will make a habit out of playing the lakeside fest and at the same time bring a whole new dimension to the festival due to their Tucson origin. Another plus? They also have a bit of riot girl they have running through them.

Jeff Moses a senior contributor at Modern Times Magazine. He can be reached at
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