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Decoded: Apache Lake Music

Festival’s 2014 Lineup

Background image by Buck--Fever and used under a Creative Commons license.

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A Little More Than One Month Until Show Time, ALMF Has Released The Lineup For Their Oct. 24 and 25 Lakeside Shindig In Eastern Arizona And Phoenix Metro Music Critic Extraordinaire, Jeff Moses, Breaks It On Down


By Jeff Moses
Modern Times Magazine

Sept. 12, 2014 — Tickets for the 2014 Apache Lake Music Festival have been on sale for more than a month, while speculations and predictions of the acts have been being made since before last year’s fest even began. However, the time for speculation has come to an end as ALMF has released the lineup for their fifth annual festival.

Some of the notable acts making an appearance in 2014 who were not there in 2013 are Playboy Manbaby, Captain Squeegee, Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra, The Woodworks, and Hotbirds and Chili Sauce. While some of the bigger returnees include Dry River Yacht Club, Sara Robison and the Midnight Special, The Haymarket Squares, The Hourglass Cats, Sister Lip, Banana Gun, and Japhy’s Descent among others.

Playboy has been to ALMF before, back in 2012. But that was well before the explosion of Rubber Brother Records, and well before they packed The Crescent Ballroom twice. The Playboy Manbaby experience is a whole different riotous debauche now that the band has a little more seasoning and a little more rep.

PBMB are easily one of the five most energetic bands that will be taking the stage at Apache Lake, and hopefully their set takes place sometime near Dry River Yacht Club’s, because seeing two of the best lead singers in Phoenix in Garnet of DRYC and Pfeffer of Manbaby go one after the other could really be something special.

Captain Squeegee and Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra are two bands that are both making their first trip to ALMF. The two groups are really awesome because both of them would be good for a solid headlining set, or a fun, dancey, keep the party going late night set. Squeegee might be a scosche more equipped for a harder hitting headlining slot, and PAO better suited to the late night dance session, but wherever these two wind up they are sets not to be missed.

Another first timer is The Woodworks. They will most likely be taking on an indoor set but that doesn’t really matter because they are going to sound great wherever they are. They are a three piece rock band that puts the “woodworks” into their music by playing a heavy mashup of rock, blues, metal, punk, and everything in between.

Two bands that are returning for their second year in a row after quality late night outings last year are The Hourglass Cats and The Haymarket Squares. The Squares stole the show on Friday night last year by blowing out the power on the indoor stage with their first song and then storming the main stage to throw down an hour long acoustic set. THC rocked it out with their mix of reggae and garage rock well enough to keep the party going until well after the sun came up.

Both bands are coming into the show with new band members from the last time they played the lake, but that shouldn’t stop them from being great. Sister Lip is also coming back for the second-straight year and they, too, have a new member. Bass player Emily Schalick ought to be pretty comfortable with the band considering they are just getting back from a month-long nationwide tour. After that long on the road they should be primed to go for a local friendly crowd like ALMF.

Japhy’s Descent, Banana Gun, and Sara Robinson and the Midnight Special are all going to playing at ALMF for the fourth-year in-a-row. Each one is a local headliner in their own right but come back to ALMF every year to carry on the fun and tradition. All three bring a strong rock and roll sound with them and are sure to be on the main stage so that sound will be heard throughout the canyon.

Hotbirds and Chili Sauce are another band returning to the lake. They are coming back after missing ALMF last year for the first time since its 2010 inception. They are more of a soul collective than they are a band, but they are going to be out at ALFM in force with at least 12 members.

The other bands making the trek out to ALMF include The Prowling Kind, Banshee Bones, Carlos Arzate and the Kind Souls, Mr. Eastwood, Sunset Voodoo, The Shakers, Princess, Lee Perreria, SHawn Johnson and the Foundation, Coobee Coo, Something Went Awry, The Sugar Thieves, SweetGrass, Ghetto Cowgirl, Princess, and Deadfoxx.

Jeff Moses a senior contributor at Modern Times Magazine. He can be reached at
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