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Apache Lake Music Festival

Ramps Up For Third Try

Background image by Allie_Caulfield and used under a Creative Commons License. Foreground image courtesy of Apache Lake Music Festival.

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The Third Annual, Wilderness Surrounded, Local Music Festival Will Bring Some Of The Best Musical Talent In Arizona To Apache Lake For A Beachside Party For The Ages


By Staff Report
Modern Times Magazine

Oct. 1, 2013 — On Oct. 18 and 19, Apache Lake Music Festival will take the idea of a lakeside party to epic proportions while featuring some of Arizona’s best indie music acts including headliners Kongo’s, Future Loves Past, and The Sugar Thieves.

The two day festival will be held at Apache Lake Resort and Marina, 229.5 mile marker, Roosevelt, Ariz., and feature two stages to accommodate all of the amazing acts that are going to be making the 50 mile trip northeast for the show.

With 2013 being the third annual ALMF, the promoters really went above the call of duty to provide one of the best local lineups ever seen, putting perennial local headliners in just about every time slot. For a local music aficionado, this is Coachella, wrapped up in Bonnaroo, with a hint of Sasquatch on the side.

Perhaps even more exciting than the bands is the atmosphere in which the audience will be seeing them. McDowell Mountain Music Festival, which Kongo’s, Future Loves Past, The Wiley Ones, Banana Gun, Mergence, Dry River Yacht Club, Jared and the Mill, and Decker all played, was the last show in the Phoenix Metro to attain the real music festival vibe. But something about the off-site glass covered, dirt-lot campsites just sort of took away from the ambiance.

At ALMF, all of those bands will be playing and doing so within the scenic confines of Apache Lake Resort and Marina with real onsite camping, as well hotels. Any festival veteran will tell you that some of the most epic portions of a music festival happen within the campground and adding that part of the show definitely add to the excitement.

Also appearing at the sure to hopping music festival are The Hourglass Cats, The Haymarket Squares, Sister Lip, Japhy’s Descent, Kush County, Steff and the Articles, The Cordials, Elizabeth Rose, Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold, Greyhound Soul, The Prowling Kind, Banshee Bones, Sun Ghost, Sasquanaut, Sara Robinson and the Midnight Special, The Black Moods, Princess, Walt Richardson, DJ Stowner, TKLB?, Kevin Redlich/C-Posse/Corey Golden Explosion, Ghetto Cowgirl, Huckleberry, The Senators, and Northern Hustle.

Tickets can be purchased for $40 for both days, and other festival accommodations can be made  at the festival’s main website
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