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Adam Lambert On


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Adam Lambert at Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum.
The Former American Idol Finalist Is Carving His Own Niche While Traipsing From Genre To Genre In The Pursuit Of Growth And Fun


By Joe Lopez
Modern Times Magazine

Oct. 19, 2012 — Labels don’t mean much to Adam Lambert.

He broke into the mainstream on American Idol and was almost immediately outed — even though he was never the kind of guy who hid that he liked men.

But Lambert is more than just a label that says, ‘gay singer.’ He likes leather, rock and roll and rebellion.

Simply, his swagger is much more Freddie Mercury than Boy George and he is just about as talented.

More recently, he has eschewed the glam-rock label and has moved sonically into new genres. And even though he has recently filled the shoes of the former lead singer of Queen through a handful of dates this summer — billed as Queen + Adam Lambert — he is definitely his own man. His show at the Arizona State Fair Wednesday night is a testament to that.

Energetic, powerful and engaged, Lambert engaged the crowd in a rock and roll glamour show largely unseen in the contemporary landscape. His new album, Trespassing, was featured, but his energy onstage is as palpable as his incredible vocal range that has been praised across all continents.

About an hour before he took to the stage at Veterans Memorial Coliseum Wednesday night, he graciously sat down with some members of the Valley media, including Modern Times Magazine.

You still have the Adam Lambert thing going on...
I know who I am. And even if I like to experiment with different looks, and kind of level with it. Ultimately, it will always be part of the way that I present myself.

Congratulations on you new record and I heard that you went to No.1 right away...
It felt great after all of the hard work — about a year and a half working on the album. It is definitely a situation where you don’t know what is really going to happen, but your hoping, and for us to reach that milestone, that is a big reward.

What is Trespassing all about?
The song or the album? Well, the single is out now — request it at your local radio station if you want to — it is a song about being who you want to be and not letting anyone stand in your way. It’s like a march or an outcry for me. It is the first track on the record and it kick-starts the whole thing. It sets out what I am about — especially on this album. Sonically, the sound of the song is something that is rebelling against and trespassing on the current format in radio. It’s not trendy. It’s a different thing. We definitely borrowed a little bit from Queen and Michael Jackson.

You stepped into some legendary shoes when you recently toured with Queen. What was that like?
They called me and we did a little medley of songs on the European VMAs. It was such a great experience and I got along so well with them. Brian (May) and Roger (Taylor) are legends. They are part of one of the greatest rock bands in history. They are so down to Earth and really cool and were just genuinely excited and positive about the collaboration. We kept in touch and wanted to make something happen, so eventually we did, but it was a lot of work, but totally worth it.

You did some experimenting on the new album...
Yea, I think it is a little bit interesting the way the music industry works. People are expected to stay in a little box...Luckily I have a fan base who is along for the ride, so I feel like I do have the leeway to experiment with some different sounds. There are some rock elements in this record but it is more the spirit of rock and roll. The thing about Trespassing is it is a really fun album. There is stuff you can dance to, workout to, drive to. I feel I owe the audience a peek behind the curtain.

Have you changed at all from when you burst on the scene with American Idol?
I think there is a lot more on my plate. Obviously when you have more responsibility in your life both to yourself and other people there are obviously some adjustments you have to make. But, I am really the same guy, I am just working harder.

Who are you going to vote for in this year’s election?
Do we have to talk about politics?

Do politics bother you?
Politics don’t bother me at all. They bother everybody else. As an American, I think we all deserve equal rights. Everyone is entitled to their own moral and religious views and I respect that. But there is a separation of church and state and it needs to be upheld.

Joe Lopez is the Music/Arts editor of Modern Times Magazine.
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