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Apache Lake Music Festival 2014

Background image by Buck--Fever and used under a Creative Commons license.

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Music/Arts Editor Jeff Moses Will Be On The Ground All Weekend At Apache Lake For ALMF 2014 Providing Commentary And Exclusive Interviews At One Of The Premier Music Events In Phoenix


By Jeff Moses
Modern Times Magazine

Oct. 24, 2014 — Festival goers and talent alike began arriving at the Apache Lake Resort and Marina in Roosevelt, Ariz., yesterday to prepare for a weekend of merriment. Japhy’s Descent and Banana Gun have both already set up camp and began preparations for the weekend-long local music shindig.

The event will begin at 1 p.m. Friday with an acoustic performance by Anthony Fama of The Redemptions, and will continue rocking lakeside with the likes of The Haymarket Squares, Japhy’s Descent, Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra, and Sister Lip. Before the evening reaches its apex with Playboy Manbaby on the indoor stage.

Day two of the festival will feature a five-piece performance by Dry River Yacht Club, as well as favorites The Hourglass Cats, The SugarThieves, Banana Gun, The Prowling Kind, and Sara Robinson and the Midnight Special. Captain Squeegee will end the night’s festivities by performing what is a sure to be a psychedelic late-night slot.

As exciting as the musical lineup is, the real excitement comes from the goings on in the camp ground, where drunken social interactions become collaborative projects. Jeff Moses will be live from the lake all weekend with the inside scoop on what's going down at ALMF 2014.

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