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Tempe Art A Gogh Gogh

Ends Sail Inn Run

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The Major Arts Night In The Phoenix Metro — Featuring Music And Much More — Will Need A New Home Due To The Sail Inn’s Impending Closure June 29


By Jeff Moses
Modern Times Magazine

May 30, 2014 — The Valley of the Sun’s art scene is very often defined by downtown Phoenix's signature arts event, First Friday. The monthly showcase of local musicians, artists, performers, and the like garners attention nationwide as the  biggest art walk in the United States. Though First Friday certainly is the biggest monthly art based event, it definitely is not the only one, and depending on personal tastes it may not be the best one.

Since Aug. 10, 2011, Evan Liggins, along with the help of Tashia Blessing, David Cosme, Chrystal Cole, Bradley Dickson, Rebecca Ween, as well as a huge cast of supporting artists and musicians too many to name, has been organizing Tempe Art A Gogh Gogh, or TAAG, every final Friday between the months of August and May at Tempe’s Sail Inn 26 S. Farmer Ave. In a nutshell the event takes First Friday and condenses it down into a manageable event for the confines of dive bar. Evan and his cohorts bring in artist, musicians, sketch comics, fire performers, and a slew of merchants and food trucks to keep the audience occupied.

Unfortunately Sail Inn will be closing it’s doors for good on May 31 and Liggins will need to find a new home for TAAGG.

“Sail Inn is hard to replace. That outside stage, space for artists and proximity to downtown Tempe are just some of the things that are going to be hard to find in the next venue,” said Liggins.

With the show preparing for its yearly hiatus anyway Liggins is taking his time picking the next venue for the Tempe staple show.

“I'm being super picky! I’ll move the next one to Final Friday of September if I need too,” said Liggins. “We are going to move to a new venue. With bigger and better things, and new ideas.”

It’s going to be hard to come up with bigger shows than some of the ones they have already put on. Including their one year anniversary outing in August of 2012 which featured Dry River Yacht Club, Hot Birds and the Chilli Sauce, The Insects, and Banana Gun. Or their first show of this season featuring Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra, Tres Lunas, and The Lovelost.

The upcoming show is another that will definitely be hard to top as TAAGG brings in Playboy Manbaby, Broloaf, Inept Hero, Instructions, The Gentlemen Ether featuring So It Goes, Supa Joint, TKLB?, and DJentrification, as well as resident DJ KNS BIGANDBAD. And that’s just the musical acts.

There will also be a performance by Grupo Capoeira Brasil. As well as live art by Dumperfoo, Erika Jaynes, Jared Aubel, NXOEED, JJ Horner, Matty B, Orlando Allison, Steve Caballero, and Zeroh. With new workings being showcased by P.K.'s Paint Shack, SINFULEDGE, Kelsey Brownell,Katie Davenport, Tony Deschiney, Shannon Dillon, Dmer One, JonDo Fett, Kryas Hester, Salim Hurtado, Art by Krista, Roderick Mack, JP Manz, Kyle Nash, Jason Nye, Holli Vinson, V. Vixen, Charles Wilkins, Maria Burns Kemp, and Luis Fernando Chacon.

The show will also host street magician Aaron Davies, and a spoken word / poetry jam hosted by Main Ke, featuring performances by Karolina Breeze, Lalli, Mizz Mocha, and Roosevelt. There will also be food provided by BIg Sexy’s BBQ.

The show, which Liggin said, “came from a small tight group of people one night at Casey Moore’s, kind of out of boredom,” four years later remains one of the Valley’s premier arts events. Every month Liggins and his crew assembles as many artists as possible from as many different art scenes as possible and deposits them at the Sail Inn to make one huge beautiful living piece or art.

The Last Tempe Art A Gogh Gogh of this season, and at the Sail Inn will be taking place May 30 kicking off at 7 p.m. The event is all ages until 9 p.m.. the cover charge is $5 before 10 p.m. and $8 after.

Liggins wanted to make sure to recognize, Erika Jaynes, James B. Hunt, Jules, Charles Wilkins, PK, JonDo & Matty B., Dumperfoo, Caballero, Salty, Smurf, JJ & Jes Jordan, Colton Brock, Cogso, AztecSmurf, Lalo Cota, Breeze, 2des, Frank Gonzales, Dry River Yacht Club,Crusher Sound System,Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra, Hot Birds & the Chili Sauce, The Sugar Thieves, The Insects, Inept Hero, Playboy Manbaby, Sunorous, Shining Soul, Optimal, Reflekshin,The Gentlemen Ether, Sonic Def Martians , Banana Gun, Tres Lunas, Genre, Doctor Bones, Def Star, Stellacutta, Companeros , Sara Robinson & the Midnight Special, The Stakes, The Love Me Nots, 2tone Lizard Kings, Zero Zero, Capoeira Brasil Tempe, DeeJay Hanzerelli, DJ SupaVaiza, Resident DJ KNS BIGANDBAD for all of their cotributions to TAAGG.

Jeff Moses a senior contributor at Modern Times Magazine. He can be reached at
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