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Rhys-Davies, Posehn Added

To Phoenix Comicon Lineup

Pixies - Blue Eyed Hexe.

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Lord Of The Rings Star And Geek Comic Extraordinaire Are The Newest Additions To The Television/Film Lineup For The Phoenix Event That Is Expected To Draw More Than 55,000 To The Phoenix Convention Center


By Jeff Moses
Modern Times Magazine

Feb. 15, 2014 — Phoenix Comicon, the self proclaimed premier pop culture event of the Southwest has announced that Jonathan Rhys Davies of Lord of the Rings fame and comic Brian Posehn will be joining Bruce Campbell, Eliza Dushku, Mark Bagley, and Patrick Rothfuss as the biggest draws for the annual event.

The convention will be held June 5 to 8 this year instead of the customary Memorial Day weekend because of a scheduling conflict.

Phoenix Comicon has done nothing but grow since its maiden voyage in June of 2002, and what was once a rinky dink one day comic book expo that only attracted around 430 people has grown into a premier event in the nation's sixth largest city that last year attracted more than 55,000 people.

Rhys-Davies — you know the dwarf from LOTR — and Sallah from the Indiana Jones franchise — is one of the biggest guests Phoenix Comicon has ever had appear at the convention. Obviously Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner are both massive pop culture icons, but for their visit neither is as currently relevant as Rhys-Davies whose Lord of The Ringsmovies are as popular, if not more popular, now than they were when they were released due to the massive success of the first two movies of what will be The Hobbit trilogy.

Posehn will be featured in the Con’s new addition — comedy — as he will bring his Comedy Mutant Tour to the downtown Sheraton’s Valley of the Sun ballroom. The actor/comedian has made appearances in a variety of television shows and has also done extensive voice-over work.

Admission memberships are on sale now and will only getting more expensive — on May 1 and June 5the prices go up by $10 and $15 respectively for a full-event membership — as the convention draws nearer.

Jeff Moses a senior contributor at Modern Times Magazine. He can be reached at
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