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LIB Defines Partying

With Purpose

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Lightning In A Bottle can inspire harmonious one-ness.
The Lucent Temple Of Consciousness At The Lightning In A Bottle Festival Inspires New Levels Of Dance And Spiritual Awakenings To Improve The World


By Taylor Holmes
Special For Modern Times Magazine

May 10, 2012 — Images of newborn animals learning to stand, then run, jump and frolic with their kin alongside verdant spears of vegetation stretching towards the sun have become an iconic representation of the joy of life.

Springtime, the earthly embodiment of new life, fresh growth and play for many riders of earth's elliptical roller coaster ride, has been celebrated by the human animal for millenia and this year is no exception. Southern California’s Silverado Canyon, traditional home of the Acjachemen tribe and more recent home of the groundbreaking Lightning In A Bottle festival, will be the container for some concentrated springtime magic beginning May 24.

Famous for its stellar musical lineup and dance floor excitement, Lightning In A Bottle, or LIB, offers many ways for festival goers to cultivate new growth mentally, physically and spiritually. A very special area within the festival grounds called The Lucent Temple of Consciousness offers a smorgasbord of knowledge in the form of yoga/movement instruction, workshops, speakers and temple music. With institutional education costs rising so high as to be prohibitive to many who thirst for learning, LIB is a great opportunity to jam pack a brain for less than the price of a couple community college units (and a lot more fun).

Architect, creativity coach, and writer Austin Hill Shaw (, who will be giving a talk on the “Five Essentials of Designing and Building Sacred Space,” said that the festival environment offers a "unique container where people can let their guard down and learn.”

Academic and scientific learning has for centuries been concerned primarily with the material world of objective reality while spiritual traditions emphasize the subjective experience. Although both approaches seek to deal with many of the same problems, their denial of the other's validity has often times halted progress and created conflict. Shaw believes that when these two aspects of knowledge are reconciled through the frame of connectivity, we get an approach with a lot of "real power.”

Produced by the world famous The Do Lab, Lightning In A Bottle pairs real world skills like solar cooking and spirulina cultivation with a sacred view of human kind’s role in protecting and healing our planet in a really unique way. Using a holistic approach to effectively address the serious problems of our age — epitomized by the LIB attitude (leave it better, leave it beautiful) — The Do Lab has sought to create a festival that will inspire solutions to the immense global challenges facing mankind and to have a lot of fun doing it.

In addition to equipping visitors with tools they can employ to save the world, the Temple offers many ways to supercharge the festival experience. Dance-floor action is a huge part of any music festival, and dancers at LIB can take their movement to higher levels with a number of boogie-focused workshops.

Shakti Bliss, a love shaman, ritual guide, DJ and performance artist from Los Angeles, will inspire divine funkiness, align intentions and create "dance floor shamans" with her PujaFunk ritual. The dubstep popping workshop is designed to hone muscle control and technique, providing skills to get the most out of every womp, wobble and drop of the weekend.

For those who'd like to transcend verbal communication and enhance physical/spiritual connections, the free-form partner dance workshop will get down to the nitty gritty. Longtime dance student, teacher, "cultural architect" and most recently, TEDx talker, Wren LaFeet will be guiding individuals to realize their highest movement potential.

"Learning how to partner dance as I teach it is like learning a new language; one that is intimate, immediate and empowers us to connect and affect each other positively and powerfully by means of an energetic exchange. To learn this language of partnering and the trust and intimacy encased in its vocabulary opens you up to deepening your experience not only at LIB and other festivals, but the whole of your human experience,” LaFeet said. “This work transcends linguistic and cultural barriers of gender roles, sexual dynamics, social mores and relationships that confound us all and allows us to engage in true alchemy by doing what we already love — dancing — with another person."
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