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LIB Festival Delivers

Love, Passion, Music

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The Lightning In A Bottle Festival Once Again Proves That The Do Lab’s Dream Of Merging Music, Art And Consciousness Can Be Wildly Successful


By Adam Guzzon
Modern Times Magazine

May 30, 2012 — Lightning in a Bottle is a festival created around forward motion of progression and love. LIB brings out the good in every individual attending. It is a place in which one may let their guard down, and develop with no holds barred. With more than 10 years under its belt, The Do Lab has kept LIB booming by spreading the love and knowledge whilst always keeping the people boogying.

The love and compassion starts at the campsites. Four days of camping means four days of food and belongings. It’s a lot to carry and organize. From the get go, people are giving and trading goods. Those who didn’t bring a hammer seek one at the tent next to them, and the ones who forgot rope could find some at a tent in the other direction. The giving mission was in full forward force, and nothing could stop it.

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The weekend was packed with awesome activities, sights, and sounds to tantalize the mind. New Belgium brewing had screen printing stations setup at their beer booths. The Lightning in a Paintcan artists had canvases in progression the whole weekend. Music was bumping 24 hours a day, and the fun never stopped.

With heavy wind and a light drizzle, the weekend popped off with a bit of a damper. But as the rain stopped, the adventures began. Michal Menert and Gramatik, of the Pretty Lights Music label, threw down an epic back to back set at the Bamboo stage.  Shpongle and Tipper closed out Friday night at the Lightning stage, pumping everyone up for what was to come the next two days. Lightning in a Bottle was in full force.

With the musical and visual artists bringing their best, the workshop leaders did the same. Throughout the weekend yoga classes went on all through the mornings. The days were packed with education, and full school-days were built for people to have fun and be educated. Solar ovens were created, and dancing was taught. The masses of information were consolidated into one-hour time slots. Learning was a huge component of the weekend.

See Slideshow of LIB 2012

Mixed between the music and education were the visual arts. Visible within the campsites and spread throughout the festival grounds, was beautiful artistic expression. An RV projected microscopic Petri dishes, dance floors were created from geometry, and tapestries were hung everywhere. Those looking for creativity were provided with a most intriguing museum.  

Amongst these elements lies the experience. For first time attendees, it was like having your perspective of life thrown into a washing machine cycle. For the veterans, it was a reminder to live life to the fullest. Day in and day out, the joy in daily practices must be found. Lightning in a Bottle provided an environment for grown ups to become kids again. It was an ever-present opportunity to claim one’s innocence. With jungle gyms, bubbles, dancing, and learning, the LIB masses took another step towards a positive community.
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