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Showtime’s Dexter

Prepares For Its Final Cut

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Showtime’s Hit Crime Drama, Dexter, Enters Its Final Season With Some New Characters And Perhaps A Final Opinion On His Psychotic Nature


By Joey Hancock
Modern Times Magazine

June 25, 2013 —The end is coming for Showtime’s mega hit Dexter, and the final season has brought it back to what made it so popular when the series first began in 2006.

Since the season four finale, many fans of Dexter, have felt cheated in the storytelling department as many key behind the scenes figures left the show. This departure was felt on screen as Dexter, floundered along trying to find its identity for two seasons before starting to get back on track last year. The new season promises to provide a satisfying end to the characters of the popular thriller, and a proper end to the story of America’s favorite serial killer.

Season eight picks up six months after Capt. Maria LaGuerta was killed in the shipping container to end season seven.

Much of this season will focus on the crumbling relationship between Dexter and his sister Deborah, who is the only real thing Dexter feels he has in life.

“Deb and Dexter are estranged from one another at the beginning of the season. Deb won’t talk to Dexter. Dexter tells himself things are good, his problems have been solved. On some level they have, but on another level, a lot of unresolved issues still come into play and the subterranean stuff is starting to bubble up as the eighth season begins,” said series star Michael C. Hall.

The constant turmoil between the siblings lays the foundation for the final season with Deb still struggling with the guilt of shooting LaGuerta instead of her brother. Just how far Deb has fallen from her life as a straight line Miami Metro police officer is shown in the first episode and the tailspin just continues from there.

“She is in the midst of an ongoing post-traumatic stress episode, and it’s a real mess,” said Hall.

There is a new “Big Bad” nicknamed “The Brain Surgeon,” by the ever lovable forensic scientist Vince Masuka, and also a woman from Dexter’s past shows up to help on the case.

When trying to figure out Dexter’s true mentality, fans often focus on the inner dialogue of Dexter and his lizard brain brought to fruition in the form of his dead father Harry Morgan. The code Harry taught Dexter has shaped him into the man he has become and how he operates when it comes to killing only the bad guys, at least most of the time.

The new character from Dexter’s past is Dr. Evelyn Vogel, played by Charlotte Rampling. Unbeknownst to Dexter this is the woman who created his father’s code which makes him question his past and why he is the way he is and who he has become.

“I think it’s interesting to bring Dr. Vogel into Dexter’s orbit now because she tries to sell him on this notion that his ‘indulgence’ in being a human being is off base, beside the point of who he authentically is as a psychopath. I don’t think Dexter would be able to deny that it’s his appetite for humanity that’s really gotten not just him but other people in his world into trouble. It’s not simply the fact that he kills bad guys,” said Hall.

With the help of Vogel, Dexter begins to learn and accept his new realization of who he is as a psychopath, but he still struggles with not wanting to accept the fact that maybe that is all he is.

The final season brings back the depth and character structure that has been missing in recent years. There isn’t some weird and absurd manhunt for Dexter to dive into, and his grief of his late wife Rita is long gone. Dexter finally seems real again as it did in the beginning, especially during seasons one and four.

Dexter isn’t merely trying to keep himself from being found out this season but is trying to save his humanity, if he has any at all. Overall it’s giant leap forward and a perfect time to end the series before it begins to fold in on itself.

The end begins 9 p.m., June 30 on Showtime.

Joey Hancock is a freelance writer and photographer living in Sierra Vista, Ariz.
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