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Apache Lake Music Festival

Live Updates

Images by Jeff Moses.

Images by Jeff Moses.

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Music/Arts Editor Jeff Moses Is Live At The Apache Lake Music Festival With Exclusive Images, Interviews and Other Good Time Fun


By Staff Report
Modern Times Magazine

Oct. 18, 2013 — The Apache Lake Music Festival is emerging as the best outdoor, camping festival for the Phoenix metro.

Kicking off on Oct.18, the two day festival out near the Apache Lake Marina & Resort is a showcase of the best of the Phoenix-based music scene.

Music/Arts editor Jeff Moses is live-blogging to keep those who can’t make it up to date with photos, quotes, and videos.

Moses will be all around the festival from start to finish at both stages as well as inside the campgrounds mingling with the biggest acts Phoenix has to offer.

He might talk about headliners Kongos, The Sugar Thieves, and Future Loves Past, but then again, he might talk with The Hourglass Cats, Sister Lip, Japhy’s Descent, and The Haymarket Squares.

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