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The Best Cosplay From

Phoenix Comicon 2014

Image by Jeff Moses

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From Zombie Barbie To The Main Characters From A Certain Fight Inspired Feature Film, Modern Times Magazine Has Selected The Best Cosplay We Captured Through Our Lenses


By Jeff Moses
Modern Times Magazine

June 10, 2014 — While the panels and the exhibitor floor are among the main draws to Phoenix Comicon every year, the cosplay might just be what most remember. Whether one joins in or just enjoys watching all of the cosplayers, thousands make Phoenix Comicon an immense, opt-in masquerade ball that’s a treat for the Phoenix metro.

Through the four days of the con, the Modern Times staff and various contributors took hundreds of photos great cosplay. Our editors have selected the best of that lot.
Best Female Cosplay (Individual)
Friday’s Zombie Barbie wins for best individual female cosplay. She was scary, she was creative, and she wore it quite well. There were many different sorts of zombies participating in this year's zombie walk but none as original as zombie Barbie.

Click image for larger view.
Best Male Cosplay Individual
Sunday’s Red Skull is taking home the prize as best male cosplay. He looked awesome, and quite frankly it takes a hell of a lot of balls to wear an S.S. costume out and about. Granted it takes less balls in Phoenix than it does other places, it is still a dently risky thing to do. Nice job!

Click image for larger view.
Best Cosplay Duo
A.j. Meleleu, and Robert Tucker’s Tyler Durden and The Narrator from Fight Club are definitely the best cosplay duo. Their costumes may not have required intensive building time or fancy lights and gadgets. But it was definitely the most thorough cosplay of the event complete with Paper Street Soap Company business card, the charred remains of a note with Marla Singers phone number on it (555-0134), and a briefcase full of soap and travel documents.

Click image for larger view.
Best Cosplay Group
Thursday’s group of eight alternate Disney princesses took the cake for group cosplays. The eight beautiful ladies put their own spin on to some classic characters and looked great doing it. Each of them was awesomely original but 1920’s flapper Pocahontas was one of the best of the best.

Click image for larger view.
Most Popular Male Cosplay
Dead Pool was easily the most popular cosplay for the men of the convention. “The Merc with the Mouth” seemed to be everywhere in every style possible. But this is nothing new as Dead Pool’s snarky attitude and tendency to break the fourth wall have made him a popular character and costume at most pop culture conventions.

Click image for larger view.
Most Popular Female Cosplay
Maleficent was queen of the cosplays in 2014. Obviously the popularity of the recent Angelina Jolie film played a large role in the popularity of the costume. Tons of females came out as the evil queen from Sleeping Beauty.

Click image for larger view.
Jeff Moses a senior contributor at Modern Times Magazine. He can be reached at
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