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2018 Comic Book Movie
And TV Reading Guide

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Comic Book TV Reading Guide

The Walking Dead
I’ll start out by saying that if you’re still watching The Walking Dead and haven’t read any of the comics, you’re really missing out. That said, given where we’re currently at in the story with the show, reading the All Out War arc seems appropriate. But really, just start from the beginning. You won’t regret it.
Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones returns to Netflix with season 2 of her live-action series this year. As per usual with these Netflix shows, things are pretty mysterious for now and not a lot is likely to be revealed until the show actually airs. So why not check out the Alias run that started in 2001? This is where the character got her start. Brian Michael Bendis wrote the book, which ran for 28 issues. So this is actually an entire run that one could conceivably read from beginning to end without overcommitting or feeling too burdened by the task ahead.

Legion is a crazy show that takes some pretty serious liberties with its source material. So it’s actually quite hard to pin down something to read heading into season 2, which airs on FX later this year. If you’re just looking for some great Marvel Comics stories involving the character, have a stab at The New Mutants: Legion from Chris Claremont and The Muir Island Saga, which was a storyline published in the pages of Uncanny X-Men and X-Factor.

Cloak and Dagger
There are a great many questions about how this Cloak and Dagger TV series is going to work, or if it’s going to work at all. But it’s a good excuse to recommend reading one of the great Marvel Comics stories. Though not truly a Cloak and Dagger story, the Maximum Carnage storyline, publishes across several of the Spider-Man titles in the 90s, is truly an outstanding read and heavily features the duo throughout. If you want something a little more pure, maybe check out the Cloak and Dagger four-issue miniseries from 1983.

Black Lightning
This seems to be the comic book TV show of the moment. The CW is really making the best of their DC Comics adaptations and it looks like they have something of a home run early on with Black Lightning. A great many people have never even heard of this character, let alone read an issue of a comic book he’s featured in. That being the case, why not start with Black Lightning #1 from 1977? From there, just read on as far into the run as you’d like.

DC is launching their own streaming service later this year and, as part of that service, they’re giving the Teen Titans their own live-action series, simply titled Titans. For this, there’s probably no better run to read than The Judas Contract. The famed storyline pans issues 39-44 of The New Teen Titans and is generally considered to be the seminal story from the world of DC Comics involving the young heroes. Marv Wolfman and George Perez are responsible for it and it was recently given a rather great animated adaptation. Enough said.

Last, but certainly not least, we come to another CW comic book adaptation that really seems to be knocking it out of the park with just about everyone. Sure, many folks remember the Archie comics from the checkout line at the grocery store, but Riverdale is a dark, gritty take on the world of Archie Comics. With that in mind, expand upon your Archie knowledge and check out the absolutely wild Afterlife with Archie series that started in 2013. Or, if you just want something really wacky that could only happen in the pages of a comic book, check out Archie vs. Predator from 2015. Not to say that any of this will necessarily help you in understanding of Riverdale, but if you just want some more bizarre adventures with Archie, Betty, Veronica and the gang, these should do you just fine.

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