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Warner Bros. Mishandles
DC Cinematic Universe

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Image by Jordan Lackey and used under the terms of a Creative Commons license..
Warner Bros.' Hubris Could Harm Its Comic Book Aspirations, X-Men Sequel News, A Tom Hardy Star Wars Casting Rumor And More


By Ryan Scott
Modern Times Magazine

May 13, 2016 — Greetings, movie lovers! Did you miss the major news and headlines from this week in film, because there was a LOT going on? Don’t you worry, because we’ve got you covered with the newest edition of the Movie News Mixtape. Let’s dig in, shall we?

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is, by most standards, a massive hit at the box office. The film will finish its theatrical run somewhere in the neighborhood of $870 million worldwide. Virtually every studio in town would be popping champagne over those numbers. So why does it smell like doom and gloom over at Warner Bros. with the DC Comics movie universe they are trying to build? Well, because it kind of might be.

The fact of the matter is, Batman and Superman as a pair are probably the two biggest names in the history of comic books and even those who are most unfamiliar with the source material are familiar with the characters. With all of the hype and superhero craze at its peak right now, this film should have sailed to $1 billion. It didn’t. Fans and critics didn’t love it. Most didn’t even really like it that much. Plenty hated it. Yet, Warner Bros. is hell bent on having its own shared universe franchise a la the MCU, so it is moving ahead with its lofty plans anyway without taking much, if any, time to recalibrate.

Wonder Woman just wrapped shooting and Gal Gadot headed instantly to the set of Justice League Part 1, which is already underway. Warner Bros. was so confident in BvS that it bumped the shooting schedule for Justice League right up against the opening of BvS. Zack Snyder has reportedly been at odds creatively with the studio ever since Ben Affleck was brought on as an executive producer to hopefully help things move in a better direction. That is all good and well, but the problem is Warner Bros. is making a shared universe here and many of the problems people had with BvS can’t go away and will have to be dealt with in these future films. The studio’s lofty, and one might even say arrogantly confident, plans are now getting in the way of its own possible success.

Sure, Suicide Squad looks great as of right now and there is plenty to (maybe) look forward to, but Warner Bros. can’t just count on these things to make money just because it put them out there and threw gobs of money at them. Consumers are smart, and Warner Bros. needs to be smart as well or this whole DC Comics shared universe could become a colossal failure. Not because these films won’t make money, because they definitely will, but because of the potential that they very well may be courting disaster in the pursuit of something quick.

Or who knows, maybe this reported Booster Gold movie will save everything? Who’s Booster Gold you might say? To that I say, exactly. Marvel Studios is enjoying consistent success because it took the time to let these things play out naturally and over time. It may be too early to say it's too late for Warner Bros., but one can’t help but look at the evidence and think they haven’t learned the right lessons from the model every studio in Hollywood is trying to emulate.

Trailer Tracker: Ben Affleck Is Good With Numbers And Assassin’s Creed Is Coming

The Accountant - Ben Affleck is taking a break from being Batman to instead be something that looks vaguely like Jason Bourne, but with glasses and OCD tendencies. Warner Bros. just released the first teaser for The Accountant which teams Affleck with Anna Kendrick and J.K. Simmons in a thriller that is set to drop on Oct. 27.

Inferno - Tom Hanks and Ron Howard have had a lot of success as a duo, but the pair of films they made based on Dan Brown’s novels weren’t exactly runaway hits. However, they were good enough to justify a third entry with Inferno and the first teaser just dropped. Co-starring Felicity Jones, the film centers around a terrorist of sorts that is threatening to kill half of the world’s population now, or kill everyone in 100 years, a la Dante’s Inferno. The film is set to drop on Oct. 28.

Yoga Hosers - Love him or hate him, somebody keeps giving Kevin Smith money to make movies, and his latest entry, the second in his “True North” trilogy all about Canada, stars his daughter Harley Quinn Smith and Johnny Depp’s daughter Lily Rose Depp. The film centers around the pair who work at a convenience store and find themselves battling tiny, evil nazis made of bratwurst. Early buzz on the film has been nothing shy of scathing, but the trailer is out now and you can decide for yourself. The film is set for release on July 29.

Assassin’s Creed - Video game to movie adaptations have been tricky, but with a cast that includes Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard, Assassin’s Creed has a chance to break the spell, even if a Kanye West song is in the trailer for some reason. The film is set for a Dec. 21 release and the first teaser trailer is out right now.

Things We Learned: The X-Men Are Headed Back To The 90s And Godzilla 2 Gets A Monster Delay

X-Men - Even though the reviews for X-Men: Apocalypse haven’t been great so far, the press tour is underway and producer Simon Kinberg has revealed that the next film in the X-Men franchise will be taking place in the 1990s. Whatever film that is specifically, we don’t know yet. But get ready to re-live the X-Men animated series in live action, folks.

Wolverine 3 - Filming has indeed started on what will be Hugh Jackman's last turn as Wolverine and the producers have confirmed a couple of things. One, it will be rated R and it will be taking place in the future, seemingly (very loosely) adapting the Old Man Logan comic storyline.

Lupita Nyong’o - Black Panther has arrived thanks to Captain America: Civil War and his solo film is set for a Feb. 2018 release date, and a new report suggests that none other than Lupita Nyong’o is up for the female lead in the film, which is being helmed by Creed director Ryan Coogler.

Pacific Rim 2 - Though the sequel to Pacific Rim has been delayed, it is indeed still happening and Jurassic World writer Derek Connolly is set to write the film for Legendary Pictures.

Russell Crowe - Universal is currently working on a monster movie shared universe, with the Tom Cruise Mummy movie kicking things off next year. Well, in addition to Johnny Depp playing The Invisible Man, Russell Crowe has been reportedly cast as Dr. Jekyll and will show up in The Mummy.

Godzilla 2 - Sorry monster fans, Warner Bros. has moved Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla sequel from June 8, 2018 to March 22, 2019. However, the studio dated King Kong Vs. Godzilla for May 29, 2020.

Martin Scorsese - The long gestating The Irishman is finally coming together for Martin Scorsese, which features a mobster on his deathbed telling the story of what happened to Jimmy Hoffa. What’s most exciting is that the film will bring together Robert DeNiro, Al Pacino and Joe Pesci. Rumor has it this one will be moving forward very quickly.

Ridley Scott -  Even though it has been reported that Ridley Scott is determined to make Prometheus sequels well into his 80s, he is making time to direct a western entitled Wraiths of the Broken Land, which is being written by Drew Goddard who also wrote The Martian for Scott.

Tom Hardy in Star Wars? - Last but most very certainly not least, Tom Hardy has been all but confirmed to have some sort of part in Star Wars Episode VIII, but in what capacity is a bit more tricky to answer. Rumors are swirling speculating anything from him being a stormtrooper that knows Finn to that he may even be playing the bounty hunter Boba Fett. Either way, fans are going nuts about it, which is probably warranted.

Weekend Box Office Review/Preview and Predictions

To the surprise of literally nobody, Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War has absolutely destroyed the box office thus far. The film raked in $181 million during its first weekend in North America and will probably cross $800 million worldwide by the end of this sentence and could cross $1 billion within a week. The film will face very little competition heading into the weekend, but the widest new release will be the Jodie Foster directed Money Monster, which stars George Clooney and Julia Roberts. The other wide release is the Kevin Bacon horror flick The Darkness.

Weekend Box Office Predictions

  • Captain America: Civil War
  • The Jungle Book
  • The Darkness
  • Money Monster
  • The Huntsman: Winter’s War

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