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DC Movie Universe
Finally Taking Shape

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Image by Jordan Lackey and used under the terms of a Creative Commons license.
Movie News Mixtape: The DC Comics Extended Universe And Tons Of New Trailers Dominate The Headlines. Also: Star Wars News And Box Office Predictions


By Ryan Scott
Modern Times Magazine

Jan. 21, 2016 — Greetings, movie lovers! Did you miss the major news and headlines from this week in film? Don’t you worry, because we’ve got you covered with the newest edition of the Movie News Mixtape. This week we have a ton of trailers dropped, a major upcoming release was screened early, there was major Oscar backlash, and we learned a ton about the upcoming Warner Bros./DC Comics cinematic universe. Let’s get into it, shall we?

The CW’s Dawn Of The Justice League Special was a Cavalcade of Information and Footage

On Tuesday, nerd champion and filmmaker Kevin Smith hosted a half-hour special on The CW called Dawn of the Justice League, which focused on the ins and outs of the upcoming Warner Bros. and DC Comics films. To put it lightly, the special contained a bewildering amount of information.

There was a lot of mystery surrounding what is now known as the DC Extended Universe prior to the special, but no that is longer true. An origin for Ezra Miller’s The Flash was revealed, The Green Lantern Corps was confirmed to be a part of the universe and a ton of photos were on display, one of which revealed concept art for the upcoming Justice League film and gave fans their first look at Cyborg.

One of the biggest surprises in the special was brand new footage of Gal Gadot as the titular (pun intended) heroine in the upcoming Wonder Woman film, which is due out in 2017. That was quite a surprise, being that the film barely started shooting late last year. Early reactions to the footage have been nothing shy of Kermit-The-Frog-esque flailing armed excitement. That wasn’t even close to the only footage that dropped, though.

In addition to a little bit of new Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice footage, the item that the entire collective Internet is buzzing about is the brand new Suicide Squad trailer that dropped during the show. Warner Bros. immediately released the trailer online to go along with the character posters that dropped just before the special. With help from Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody,” the trailer went over incredibly well with fans and gave us all a much better idea of what the film is going to be like, which appears to be insane, in a word.

But Suicide Squad wasn’t the only movie to get a fancy new trailer this week…

Trailer Tracker: Surprise Cloverfield Sequel, Neighbors 2 and Netflix’ Pee Wee Herman Movie

10 Cloverfield Lane - One of the biggest Hollywood surprises in recent history happened this week when J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot dropped a trailer for 10 Cloverfield Lane, a totally secret sequel to the fan favorite monster flick Cloverfield. The fact that the film was kept underwraps this long is incredible, but fans can look forward to seeing the Dan Trachtenberg-directed film March 11.

Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising - Seth Rogen, Rose Byrne and Zac Efron will be returning for a sequel to the 2014 comedy Neighbors. This go round revolves around a sorority that includes Chloe Grace Moretz and Selena Gomez instead of the fraternity that terrorized Rogen and Byrne as new parents in the last movie, which could be boring or great depending on how you look at it. Be on the lookout for it on May 20.

Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday - Believe it or not, Paul Reubens is returning to the movie world as Pee-Wee Herman one more time with Pee-Wee’s Big Holiday, a Netflix Original Movie that is dropping March 18. The film is produced by Judd Apatow and directed by John Lee.

Things We Learned: Big Movie Release Date Changes, Mad Max Confusion and Oscar Backlash

Star Wars - Disney recently announced that the release date for Star Wars Episode VIII has moved from May 2017 to Dec. 15, 2017. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales has slid into the May spot that was occupied by Star Wars.

Oscar Backlash - The Oscar nominations dropped last week and for the second year in a row, they were filled with white nominees. This has led to a backlash from many corners of Hollywood, with big names like Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith calling for an Academy Awards Boycott.

Tarantino Universe - Quentin Tarantino confirmed a longstanding fan theory that all of his films take place in the same universe saying on Australian talk show The Project that “There’s the realer than real universe, and all the characters inhabit that one. Then there’s this “movie” universe, so From Dusk Till Dawn and Kill Bill take place in this special movie universe.”

Jumanji - Sony’s Jumanji remake is moving full steam ahead with the release date locked in for July 28, 2017 and Jake Kasdan confirmed to direct. This also caused Sony to slightly bump up the release date for the next Spider-Man movie to July 7, 2017.

More Mad Max - George Miller corrected a report that stated the director didn’t want to make any more Mad Max movies. Miller stated he still has plans for two more, though they won’t be his next project.

Fey And Rousey Team Up - Tina Fey and Ronda Rousey are teaming up for a new comedy called Do Nothing Bitches. The film will follow a group of wealthy wives who have their lives turned upside down by hard-nosed camp instructor played by Rousey.

Sundance - One of cinema’s biggest annual events, the Sundance Film Festival, is kicking off this week, and will showcase the premieres of tons of buzzy indie films like Swiss Army Man and Certain Women.

Deadpool - Two small groups of fans in New York and Los Angeles were treated to a surprise early screening of Deadpool in its entirety, and the reactions have been overwhelmingly positive. The rest of the world will find out on Feb. 12.

Alan Rickman - Lastly, it was another rough week as Die Hard and Harry Potter star Alan Rickman passed away after losing his battle to cancer at the age of 69. RIP, you will be missed. Always.

Box Office Review/Preview

My predictions for last week were a bit off, because nobody is going to see Hateful Eight and Ride Along 2 beat out The Revenant at the box office last weekend. Those two should hold over fairly well as this week’s new releases, Dirty Grandpa, The Boy and The 5th Wave aren’t likely going to be massive hits and Star Wars: The Force Awakens is finally starting to slide from the top of the mountain. Basically, this week should see a lot of movies all finishing very close to one another with a first place finish of less than $20 million.

Weekend Box Office Predictions

  • Ride Along 2
  • The Revenant
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • Dirty Grandpa
  • The 5th Wave

That’s it for this week, movie lovers. Be sure to come back next week for all of the Hollywood news you need, want and didn’t know you needed.
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