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Now We Rise
Brings Back 1990s Rock

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Now We Rise with Aaron Forrest(left) on Guitar and vocals, Rader(right) on bass and Pat(center) on drums.
Editor’s note on Undiscovered Sounds: Every so often, Modern Times Magazine talks to bands or other musical performers who have yet to hit the jackpot both in the Phoenix metro and beyond. For some of those featured, it may be the first time they have been interviewed. Others may have been working for years for their ship to come in. But all of them have the dream. They may make Undiscovered Sounds, but their sounds are not unworthy.
Undiscovered Sounds: A Band From Baltimore Talks Making Mature Music That Connects With All Ages And Why Getting A Parental Warning Label Is Not Always A Good Thing


By Staff Report
Modern Times Magazine

Jan. 13, 2016 —At the beginning of the 1990s music took a turn from the age of synthesizers and big hair bands to a more hard earned sound of grunge with bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. As the decade proceeded along rock music took another turn around 1995 with bands like Matchbox Twenty, Third Eye Blind and others creating a more pop rock sound to satisfy the rock culture and the ever changing taste in music. Rock music is far and few between in today’s music climate with electronic dance music and singular pop artists like Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber taking hold of the charts.

One new band from Baltimore, Md., is trying to reverse the musical regression by bringing pop rock and the sound of the 1990s back to the forefront. Now We Rise, a three person ensemble from Baltimore, is not only rocking out locally but is doing so well in their home state that they are wanting to branch out and bring rock back to people’s ears.

Lead singer and guitarist, Aaron Forrest of Now We Rise talked to Modern Times Magazine a bit about how the band’s sound came about and the new tracks they are producing as well as the vision for the future.

MTM: So, are is everyone in the band from Baltimore or is it a collaboration of guys from around the country?

NWR: We are all from different areas around the country, but found each other here in Maryland. So we claim Baltimore as our home. I am the only one originally from here. We love Charm City!

MTM: Can you describe your sound for me?

NWR: Our sound is sort of a throwback late 90's early 2000's kinda vibe. I feel that the music around these time periods, especially the 90's was when rock music or pop rock was at its best, as far as creativity and wild new sounds. people need to be re-schooled in it, and that’s what we aim to do. There is a void of solid rock music that needs to be filled. I'm sick and tired of hearing all these Mumford and Sons, beatnik, knock offs take over the air waves! Come on people!

MTM: What are some of the influences for your sound and the band?

NWR: As far as influences, yeah we all love bands like Third Eye Blind, Nirvana, Silverchair, SR71, etc. They are definitely influential in our sound. But more importantly, I am a fan of the producers of these bands. People like Butch Walker, Dave Grohl, Mitch Allan, and Butch Vig really changed the way I write and record music.

MTM: Where do you see the future of the band going?

NWR: Where do I see this going... hmmmm.... well, obviously I hope that our songs and sound resonate with people and catch on. And promotion is a huge part of that. I think there’s a lot of potential for guys like us to have major success in the industry. I've been in a few successful bands, but this one feels a bit more honest and true. Our music is obvious, and some people just aren't quite witty enough to get it. Yet it’s not to be over thought.

MTM: So are you trying to take the band on the road?

NWR: Of course we want to be on the road touring and promoting our upcoming record release, and I've been constantly talking to people and promoters on the west coast. Thats kind of where my heart is. Lets face it that’s where a lot of cool bands get discovered, but we are big fans of Nashville and New York as well.

MTM: Have you seen an area where your music is catching on around the world through downloads and whatnot?

NWR: We’ve been getting a lot of love and support overseas in the U.K., which was totally unexpected and super cool. The scene over there is awesome, and they love good rock bands from the states. It would be a dream come true to head over there, but we'll have to wait and see on that. Kind of depends what kind of attention this record gets. I think we are currently on about 30 U.K. streaming stations, and on about a dozen or so here in the states. In fact, we are being debuted on a New York station tonight which is freakin’ sweet. We love the attention.

MTM: Do you think this throw back to the popular rock of the 1990s sound is something that will catch back on?

NWR: With the radio play in the U.K. starting to take off, it’s definitely proving that there’s something special going on. We just wanna be heard and don't want people to miss out on a good thing, you know.

MTM: How has life influenced your music or just you in general?

NWR: Being a husband and dad has definitely changed the game up for me. It made me realize that I don't want to be some crazy animal that my kids don't know when I strap on a guitar. We don't need to drop F-bombs to be cool and sell records. I used to think it was so awesome to have a parental advisory sticker on my old band’s albums... Guess what... it’s not. I’d much rather not have anyone excluded from our music because their parents won't let them have it. That’s like automatically killing some of your fan base. Which is really stupid in my opinion.

MTM: Where does the sound come from?

NWR: Kind of answered this with the last one but I just bleed out what I'm feeling when I write. It’s honest and true. I just want people to enjoy it, and maybe even relate to what we are saying. That is why music is the all time greatest form of therapy. "Blank pages burn from my emotion" (beyond where we are).

MTM: What is the songwriting process like?

NWR: The writing process is fun. I usually have some music and lyrics, that I demo in my home studio. From there I fine tune and really shape the song to a point where we can jam on it and turn it into a product. All of this happens during the recording process. It’s not that uncommon for me to write a song and lyrics and have parts change up until the last minute when it is about to be mixed and mastered. I even had to go back several times after a mix and master session and re-work parts. Same goes with the lyrics. I have to listen to it to the point of being burned out on the song, before I realize that it’s either finished or needs tweaked. I'm a bit of a freak like that. But that is what I do. Hands on, all the way thru.

MTM: Who's do you want this music to resonate with?

NWR: So if you're in you're late 20's or early 30's or even 40's, we are the sound you grew up with and guess what, your kids will love it too. I like to call our sound Pop-Rock-Classic. it couldn't be more appropriate. Catchy tunes that can take you places you haven't been in a while, and make you smile.

As music continues to change many listeners are interested in that sound they remember from their youth or from bands that inspired them at some point in their lives. If you grew up listening to bands like Our Lady Peace, Dexter Freebish or Collective Soul in the 1990’s then Now We Rise is one band that should be on your radar as that 90’s sound makes it’s comeback.
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