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Modern Times Magazine's
Music/Arts Prime Cuts 2015

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Articles On Hollywood History Rank Among The Most-Read Stories Of The Year And Include Articles On Ann Margret, Fran Lebowitz, And Vincente Minnelli


By Staff Report
Modern Times Magazine

Jan. 7, 2016 — Oh, how we love us some music and arts, eh?

Despite all of the great content we have published in the past about local bands and events, what proved to be the most popular Music/Arts content in 2015 was the regular contributions from Reel to Real — also known as David Fantle and Tom Johnson. Published every Monday, Fantle and Johnson give us highlights from some of the hundreds of interviews with classic Hollywood types they have performed over the years.

And, even though Reel to Real captured the top five spots in the Music/Arts Prime Cuts (the most read stories of the year), Drake and Madonna also make appearances.

But the two contemporary cultural icons were trumped by the likes of Ann Margret and Fran Lebowitz.

We at Modern Times Magazine aren’t completely sure what that says about us — well actually we do but it robs of us a literary device — but we like it regardless.

No. 7 “Coachella’s Drake Pick Is Bad Mojo For Major Festivals
Former contributor Jeff Moses takes on the country’s preeminent hipster music festival in this piece deriding Coachella’s choice of Drake as a main stage headliner. Instead of relying on indie bands and lesser knowns, Coachella is turning to pop superstars in order to compete with the growing influx of similar festivals around the country. Moses theorizes that, instead of rejuvenating the classic fest, Drake and similar pop culture icons only serve to water down this once respectable gathering into a corporate-fueled snorefest that’s so totally not cool. — Posted Jan. 6, 2015

No. 6 “Madonna Brings Her Rebel Heart To Phoenix
Apparently, the Material Girl can still draw a crowd. Music/Arts Editor Joe Lopez and contributor Karen Weil brought readers a preview of Madonna’s Rebel Heart tour, which stopped in Glendale in October. The performance promised to feature a mixture of old classics and new songs from the icon’s Rebel Heart album. While reviews for the tour were mixed overall, Rolling Stone said it included “everything only Madonna can do.” and that’s quite a lot, we think. — Posted Oct. 16, 2015

No. 5 “Kathryn Grayson Was An Octave Above The Rest
Reel to Real makes the list once again, but this time it is the duo’s interview with Kathryn Grayson that drew in gobs of readers, and for good reason. For this interview, the guys dressed to the nines to pay proper respect to one of old Hollywood’s greatest divas. Despite leaving her Hollywood career behind years ago, Grayson never lost the presence or gravitas of a Hollywood star, and it made an impression on her interviewers. They speak with Grayson about her career as a contract player for MGM, and what it was like to star with heavyweights like Frank Sinatra. — Posted Oct. 5, 2015

No. 4 “Vincente Minnelli Wore A Technicolor Dreamcoat
The Reel to Real team of David Fantle and Tom Johnson contribute great content from Hollywood’s glory days to Modern Times Magazine. Pulling from over three decades of Hollywood interviews, Fantle and Johnson offer unique insight into the lives of plenty of noteworthy actors and actresses. In this piece, the guys bring back an interview they conducted with musical icon Vincent Minnelli. They cover the expanse of the iconic director’s career, from his days designing storefront displays in Chicago to his time working with stars like Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. — Posted Oct. 12, 2015

No. 3 “Steve Lawrence Moves On Without Eydie
What do you get when you take a Jewish boy from Brooklyn, an Italian girl from the Bronx and put them together? Steve and Edie, that’s what. They spent more than 50 years together, singing everywhere to everyone. Well, maybe not everyone but Frank Sinatra sure loved them. — Posted July 13, 2015

No. 2 “The Velocity Of Ann-Margret
Anyone over the age of 50 remembers Ann-Margret just like anyone under 30 will remember Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift. She was sexier, too. But her appeal is much more than sex, It’s also real, honest and genuine. And, there are some nuggets you might never have heard anywhere else: “My uncle rode bikes and when I was a young child, we lived very close to the Norwegian border so we’d travel from my village all the way over among the fjords and mountains.” Nice ride if you can’t get one. — Posted April 13, 2015

No. 1 “Lunch With Lebowitz, Fran Lebowitz
For those who don’t know about our resident film experts, David Fantle and Tom Johnson (aka the Reel to Real guys) they are unsung heroes of Hollywood. Few people alive have met and talked to as many of the legends of Hollywood that they have. This recollection of a series of interviews with Fran Lebowitz was warmly welcomed by classic film fans. — Posted Aug. 21, 2015
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