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The Moseys Results:

The Best In Phoenix Metro Music

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Modern Times Magazine Presents The Results Of Our Second Annual Mosey Awards For Best Band, Best Lead Singer, Best Song And Much, Much More As Voted On By Our Readership


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Bands to watch out for in 2015

Fairy Bones - Their first ever full length L.P. Dramabot is coming out at the end of January and after that the sky's the limit for Fairy Bones. They spent a lot of 2014 finishing up the album and playing their favorite Haunts like the Rogue Bar and the Yucca Tap Room, but after the new album drops the synth punk four piece is hitting the road for awhile and heading up to the northwest. They are sounding more robust than ever and will definitely be up to big things all year.

Injury Reserve - Since coming across Injury Reserve in early December I have been absolutely enthralled. Their E.P. Cooler Colors is reminiscent of an era of hip-hop that had long since passed and in just the short time they have been around they have already opened for hip-hop legends Dilated Peoples. With another full year under their belt and some time to refine their sound for their upcoming album these live band hip-hop showmen should be looking at a great year.

Ichi Sound - The chill wave is coming in like a tsunami as EDM fans are becoming bored with the run of the mill club music, and looking to alternative forms of electronic music. That’s where Ichi the Thriller and Captain Dave come in. The songs that Ichi produces are unlike anything else being made by mainstream EDM producers. While Captain Dave brings it all to life with his lyrics and high energy performances. Ichi Sound took their first swing at the Crescent Ballroom in 2014 and they hit one out of the park with a packed house opening for Saint Pepsi. It should be a good time seeing what they do moving forward.

Jerusafunk- I feel like it is safe to say that Jerusafunk has entered the conversation as downtown Phoenix’s favorite band. It seems like every venue around the arts district wants to book the eclectic costumed ten piece, and they have usually been nice enough to abide. Some 2014 J-Funk highlights include their lovely late afternoon set at Bacchus and the Demon Sluts Album Release, packing out Buds Glass Joint at Sharefire Festival, and hosting their very festival called “Farm Fest” at Chili Acres Farms. In 2015 they have already went on a short tour and took a turn on The Morning Infidelity Radio show.

Bad Neighbors - Bad Neighbors really seemed to have sprung up out of nowhere. It was just like one day there was this new band in town mixing spoken word poetry and rock together, and everyone was talking about them. They got out and played a ton for a few months early in the year, but then seemed to completely fall off. They didn’t quite playing music however, they were just working on their upcoming album. They intend to finish recording around March and dive back into a hectic live show schedule, and with after adding a full time bassist they’re sound should be way fuller than it was before.

Moovalya- Moovalya doesn’t seem to get talked about around town all that much although they really should. In 2014 the Phoenix based punk three piece took a tour up to Quebec city to participate in Envol Et Macadam Festival with Sublime with Rome, Screeching Weasel, and Less than Jakes. And they also played Phoenix’s biggest punk show in Phoenix Ska Punk Bowling. The group took huge strides in 2014, as they prepare to make 2015 even bigger.

Snake! Snake! Snakes! - Honestly, every year is a good year to look out for Snake! Snake! Snakes! They are really good, and are always contenders for the best slots on the biggest shows in town. They spent most of 2014 getting it all back together after bringing Dan Tripp into the band to play lead guitar and now that they have found their sound they are fervently recording their upcoming album. As long as they get the new record out in 2015 this year should be a doozie for Tres Snakes.

Boss Frog- They dropped two tapes in 2014 I believe, and honestly the may not be dropping a new one in 2015, I have no idea. But these guys are one of the most entertaining bands in Phoenix and if people don’t start taking notice soon .. well that’s their loss. The music is soulful, funky, punky, and has just the right amount of that old Roxy flair. They are just an odd assortment of characters who make such a beautiful sound when they get together, and hopefully they will be doing it a lot in 2015.

Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers - “Fly girl, fly” indeed. Carol Pacey and the Honey Shakers got 2014 going in good fashion with an appearance at McDowell Mountain Music Festival and kept the big shows coming all year. She played plenty of her own big ones, as well appearances at Apache Lake Music Festival, Sidepony Music Festival, and they were slated to play the washed out Summer Ends Music Festival as well. The Honey Shakers ended the year on a huge high note too with their album being listened to by the Grammy committee for a possible nomination.

Manual Sex Drive - Manual Sex Drive did not have a huge 2014, but that’s because they were busy working on a new album. This will be their second full length and with super exciting musicians on every instrument including lead singer Monty Oblivion, lead Guitarist Nick Feratu, and bass player NickDave Mesa it’s probably going to be a good one. Once they get the album released shows should pick up for the darkwave punks, and once they do get out there and see them, cause I feel they are one band that won’t stay local for long.

Soft Deadlines - Soft Deadlines just released their debut album Critic on 56th Street Records in early January and for a first go round with full length, holy shit it’s good. They spent 2014 getting their bearings in the Phoenix scene, and intend to spend 2015 expanding outward here in town as well as getting on the road to bring their lo fi shoegazy music to the rest of the country. As they integrate with more local acts look for fans of Instructions to find an affinity with the Soft Deadlines sound.

Lamaj J. Doh - Lamaj has big plans in 2015 to release at leas two mixtapes and seriously up his live show schedule. He’s one of the smoothest MC’s in Phoenix and likes to make music for serious hip-hop heads, but also for the Weirdoh’s. He’s a transplant here in Phoenix and is still working his way into the local hip-hop scene. But once he has planted himself into Phoenix it shouldn’t take him much time to grow.

The Ricardos - High school aged garage punk, and it’s spectacular. Their most recent recordings are extremely reminiscent of The Strokes. But their are far worse role models to have than them. For right now they are working hard to perfect the sounds of bands that came before them, and judging  by their 2014 release E.P.1 they are getting pretty good at it. But once they master those sounds and start incorporating their own talent and brilliance into it, well if they can stay together it’s going to be a good future for The Ricardos.

Red Tank! - No one, and I mean no one, turns out a house party quite like Red Tank! I don’t know what it is they do to those kids, but they really turn them loose. In 2014 they released a split E.P. with Leonardo DiCapricorn and kept their live outings to  lot of house shows and smaller venues. But with a solidified line up and and a ton of new music Red Tank! should be ready to shoot of in 2015.

Luna Aura - The first time I saw Luna Aura’s name was on the lineup for Summer Ends Music Festival, and that’s when I knew she was serious business. In 2014 Luna dropped her debut album, and the jaws of just about every music writer in town. She’s a musician going a different route than many of the other bands in town by going straight for pop superstardom. Keep a keen eye on this girl, and definitely not just because she’s good looking. She is poised to turn some heads in 2015.
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