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The Moseys Results:

The Best In Phoenix Metro Music

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Modern Times Magazine Presents The Results Of Our Second Annual Mosey Awards For Best Band, Best Lead Singer, Best Song And Much, Much More As Voted On By Our Readership


By Jeff Moses
Modern Times Magazine

Feb. 14, 2014 — Pop the champagne and call your grandma, because the results are in for the second annual edition of The Mosey Awards — a celebration of the best musicians and rock bands in the Phoenix metro.

After last year’s foray, we got many emails and messages about how to make “The Moseys” better in 2015. We couldn’t just ignore our readership when we received such a great response, so we read your messages and acted accordingly.

We are currently taking votes for a new category to be added in 2016, please vote using the tool to the right.

As a result, for 2015, I selected the nominees for the Mosey Awards and you, the readers, voted for your favorites in the following categories: Band of the Year; Album of the Year; Song of the Year; Best Record Label; Best Lead Singer; Best Guitarist; Best Bass Player; Best Drummer; Best Horn; and Best Festival. A new category this year — Next To Break — was not part of the voting. It is presented at the end of this collection.

So get ready, get set and go. And congratulations to all of the winners and don’t forget to check out all of the nominees at a local venue near you.

After all, if you still haven’t figured out why we call them The Moseys, they are based on my last name — see the byline above — and also serves to represent what you all should be doing after reading: moseying on down to a local venue very soon and seeing some of these acts live and in-person.

To receive a copy of the voting results, email Send any critiques or questions to me at
Editors note: Please don’t forget that the prime design of The Mosey Awards has always been to incite the residents of the Phoenix metro to see the bands live: to ‘mosey’ on down to a local venue. Don’t forget to review all of the nominees, and check the Underground Arts Calendar every week for information on when these bands and others will be performing.
Best Festival
Winner: *McDowell Mountain Music Festival
Total Votes: 315
Runners up by votes received - Apache Lake Music Festival, Los Dias De La Crescent, PHX Ska Punk Bowling, Sidepony Express Music Festival
* McDowell Mountain Music Festival is now the all time leader in Mosey Award wins at 2
Next to Break
Winner: decker.
Not Voted
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