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Vote The Moseys: The Best

In Phoenix Metro Music

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Modern Times Magazine’s Resident Expert On The Phoenix Metro Music Scene, Jeff Moses, Presents His Preliminary Picks For Best Band, Best Lead Singer, Best Song And Much, Much More And Invites Fans To Vote For The Winners


By Jeff Moses
Modern Times Magazine

Jan. 24, 2015 — Local music lovers rejoice, because we have a new and updated version of the Mosey Awards — our second annual edition — that celebrates the best musicians and rock bands in the Phoenix metro.

Last year, the “Mosey Awards” ended up being one of the most read stories in Modern Times Magazine’s Music/Arts section. Not only did it get a lot of shares and likes, but we also got many emails and messages about how to make “The Moseys” better in 2015. We couldn’t just ignore our readership when we received such a great response, so we read your messages and acted accordingly.

As a result, for 2015, I have selected the nominees for the Mosey Awards and you, the readers, will vote for your favorites. There is a poll along with each category that will determine the final winner — more on when the winners will be announced below.

The categories are: Band of the Year; Album of the Year; Song of the Year; Best Record Label; Best Lead Singer; Best Guitarist; Best Bass Player; Best Drummer; Best Horn; and Best Festival. A new category this year — Next To Break — will not be part of the voting and will remain my choice. It is presented at the end of this collection.

When the winners are announced in February, there will also be a list of Bands to Watch Out For.

By the way, the Moseys is based on my last name — see the byline above — and also serves to represent what you all should be doing after reading and voting: moseying on down to a local venue very soon and seeing some of these acts live and in-person.

Voting will be open from today, Jan. 24 through Friday, Feb. 6. The winners will be announced on Valentine’s Day, Saturday, Feb. 14.

Send any critiques or questions to me at
Band Of The Year
2014 Winner — KONGOS

Andrew Jackson Jihad

Andrew Jackson Jihad used to be about two steps bigger than every other band in the local scene, but as of 2015, they are officially out of the Phoenix scene and a part of the national music conversation. That’s not to say they will ever leave Phoenix behind or that they have forgotten where they came from. But after 2014, and their signing with Sideonedummy Records, AJJ is experiencing a whole new level of musical success.

Playboy Manbaby
2014 was a great year for Rubber Brother Records flagship band as they released two spectacular albums, sold out the Crescent Ballroom twice, and made appearances on the lineup for some of The Phoenix metro’s biggest shows including Los Dias De La Crescent, Viva Phoenix, and Summer Ends Music Festival. “Tempe Spazz Funk” is a term that will not soon be forgotten in these parts, and the spazzadelic four piece took their shit show national for the first time taking a nationwide tour that stretched into New York City and Boston.

Treasure MammaL
Every year is a good year when the lead singer of your band is Abe Gil, but 2014 was unusually good for this unusual ensemble. Of course the MammaL played a ton of extremely fun shows, packed out rooms, and had entire crowds sweating like they never have before. But they were also managed to appear on The Flaming Lips Sergeant Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band tribute record A Little Help From My Fwends”  with people like Miley Cyrus, Moby, My Morning Jacket, Phantogram, and many other celebrated artists.

Halocene has had quite few big years over the course of their tenure as a band and with the release of their newest album Make It Loud they can add 2014 to the list of good years. Halocene has been kicking around the Phoenix metro since 2008 and they definitely have the fan following to show for it as they turn every local show they play into a packed in blow out. Halocene definitely isn’t all about playing to their hometown crowd though, the pop / rock four piece with the the white-hot lead singer Addie Nicole are doing their best to make their mark as big as possible on the national stage.

Jared and the Mill
Jared and the Mill have been doing their thing locally for quite some time and in 2014 they took their biggest steps toward national stardom. The indie-folk five-piece has been riding high since word spread of their hospital-room bedside set for a friend injured in a drunk driving accident at South by Southwest. Since then they were asked to open for Barry Gibb at The Hollywood Bowl, and more recently played a primetime slot at Tempe’s Mill Avenue New Year's block party.
Album Of The Year
2014 Winner — Life Fathers Day

Les Is Mormon - Field Tripp
Field Tripp released four records in 2014. Three original E.P.’s entitled Les Is Mormon, Woeful Common Terry, and Warren Druhgs. As well as a Woody Guthrie cover album called Would He.  But Les Is Mormon really shined the brightest of the group. Not only does it look the best as far as presentation. But it also sounded the best as far as production and really painted a full picture of what Field Tripp sounds like. The track “John Wayne” was definitely one of the most fun numbers that came out last year, while the track “Nothing Is As Fun” is one of the saddest. It was really just a great record for start to finish.

Go Demon or Go Home - Wolvves
Go Demon or Go Home was the beginning of Wolvves transforming their entire sound. Some of it sounds very similar to their debut album Live Forever, while other parts sound so entirely different you would think another band is playing them. “Locals Only” has been one of their staple live songs for quite a while and errs more toward their original sound. But then tracks like Static are just noise-filled epics that make you rethink everything about Wolvves’ sound. The whole record is really spectacular from the lyrics to the instrumentation. I’m really big on Go Demon and I just can’t wait to hear what they do with their 2015 full length.

Moan Info - Wooden Indian
It’s Wooden Indian, it’s just a blessing that they put this record out. The fact that it happens to be spectacular is just gravy. 2014 was a huge year for W.I. not only did they get to be the backing band for Califone at their late March rendezvous at the Icehouse, they also got to tour Europe with him as his backing band. Then later in the year they sold out the Crescent Ballroom with Playboy Manbaby. But even with such awesome opportunities arising for them in 2014 their masterpiece of an album Moan Info has be one of their greatest triumphs in the year that way.

Folk Punk Yourself - Andy Warpigs
Folk Punk Yourself  is one of those albums that you can throw on and listen to it four times all the way through without getting bored. Partly because it’s only about 20-minutes long. But also because it’s kind of spectacular. You would never tell by the look of him but Andy Warpigs is one of the best lyricists in town. His guitar parts are rather simple, and the songs were really spruced up by the leads that guitarist Jellyroll Jenkins played. But I challenge anyone to take a listen to the song “Shut the fuck up” and not start singing along. It was the first record released on 56th Street Records for the year 2014.

The Playboy Manbaby Experience Electric Babyman - Playboy Manbaby
I’m not absolutely certain that The Playboy Manbaby Experience Electric Babyman was better than their earlier 2014 release Bummerittaville. But since they asked me to be one of the shirtless fat guys on the inside cover of the album I decided to give it the nod. Playboy Manbaby is just extremely impressive in both their high energy live shows, and on their albums. Of course it’s impossible to capture that “lightning” of their live shows in a “bottle” of a recording. But their catchy hooks are easy to sing along too and it’s even more fun when you can understand the words which is often difficult at a live Playboy Manbaby show.
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