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MMMF Local Stage Announced

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Image by Drew and used under the terms of a Creative Commons License.
McDowell Mountain Music Festival Has Announced Their 2015 Local Stage And In Their 12th Outing They Have Picked A Spectacular Bunch Of Bands To Represent The Phoenix Metro


By Jeff Moses
Modern Times Magazine

Jan. 15, 2015 — With Bonnaroo and Coachella giving us so little to be excited about, McDowell Mountain Music Festival is ramping up their bookings and giving the music-loving public in Phoenix a reason to jump for joy.

Their nationally touring acts are their heaviest hitters to date with Widespread Panic, Phantogram, Passion Pit, and Thievery Corporation heading up the lineup. But the local stage is full of local big-timers. Desert reggae/rock ‘n rollers The Hourglass Cats and Black Bottom Lighters, country act The Tommy Ash Band, and super heavy jam band Spafford will be back from last year’s stage.

The newcomers coming in to play the local stage is quite possibly the best the festival has ever hosted. It’s already been announced that Small Leaks Sink Ships, The Haymarket Squares, The Senators, Snake! Snake! Snakes!, Pastries With Teeth, Gus Campbell, and Captain Squeegee would be there.

Then today they announced today that space-cadet-thunderpop-five-piece Playboy Manbaby, psychedelic-folk band Wooden Indian, and Alice Cooper Christmas Pudding winners UFN will also be joining the party.

The Hourglass Cats will be opening the main stage for the festival on Friday afternoon so that’s a big jolt of energy to open the weekend. THC has adopted a more rock ‘ n roll extensive sound over the past year or so and the latin inspired drums by Johnny Groove add a lot to their new sound. Their set is an absolute can’t miss.

The Tommy Ash Band will be opening the mainstage on Saturday. They are one of the premier country bands in Phoenix and they were really impressive during their afternoon set on last year’s local stage.

Black Bottom Lighters and Spafford will both be playing on the main stage on Sunday. They both played killer sets in 2014. Spafford packed the old Sail Inn crowd in front of the local stage for their closing set on Friday night. While BBL had the reggae heads dancing to their smooth tones.

The local stage bands have not all  been assigned their days yet, but given who has been picked, I have my suspicions. With Portugal The Man on Friday there’s a strong possibility that Snake! Snake! Snakes! will be making their appearence at MMMF 2015 on Friday. The Senators are another band looking good for a Friday slot same for Gus Campbell.

Saturday is looking like the right time for Small Leaks Sink Ships to play, they will most likely close out the local stage Saturday night. If SLSS goes that night, I’d bet my bottom dollar Playboy Manbaby goes with them. Pastries With Teeth is an EDM act that will probably go Saturday as well to match up with Break Science. Wooden Indian is probably a good bet for Saturday as well.

That leaves Captain Squeegee, UFN, and The Haymarket Squares to close out the local stage lineup. The Squares will almost certainly play on Sunday, the same day as Trampled By Turtles. UFN bring an eclectic worldly sound that will fit in with the Sunday lineup. While Captain Squeegee is somewhat akin to Karl Denson’s Tiny Universe, and are also closers. They are one of the toughest acts in town to follow.

The rest of the local stage slots will be filled by the usual drum circles, hoop jams, and DJ’s. Though Nathan Largay of MMMF says they are still working on the possibility of having Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra.

Jeff Moses a senior contributor at Modern Times Magazine. He can be reached at
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