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Prime Cuts 2014

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From First-Run Blockbusters To The Intricacies Of The Local Music Scene, The Modern Times Magazine’s Top-Read Music/Arts Articles From 2014 Show The Depth Of Interest That Is Alive And Well In The Phoenix Metro


By Staff Report
Modern Times Magazine

Jan. 8, 2015 — The thing that is really terrific about music and the arts is that it is quite literally for everyone. Whether it be poetry, film, literature, comic books, rock ‘n roll, dance, or experimental noise, it falls in the spectrum of music and the arts, and Modern Times Magazine’s 2014 Prime Cuts definitely reflects that.

The past year’s most read Music/Arts stories show a terrific blend of the many beautiful disciplines which make up the wide and vibrant creative world. It shows that not only are our writers and editors looking for an arts world that is all encompassing of everything from big time blockbuster action movies like The Expendables, to international poetry like 2014’s Individual World Poetry Slam, to classic rock like Deep Purple. But also that our readership is looking at the music and arts world in the same light.

At Modern Times Magazine, we take pride in living on the cutting of edge of news and media and always bringing an authentic perspective to every story we produce including our Music/Arts stories, and based on what made 2014’s Prime Cuts, our audience appreciates that as well.

No. 9 “MMMF Leaks Part Of Local Lineup, Predictions
McDowell Mountain Music Festival has consistently grown over their dozen years of existence from a small twangy jamfest out at the Compound to the nearly national-level festival that now takes place at downtown Phoenix’s Margaret T. Hance Park. In the last two years, the festival welcomed in headliners The Roots, The Shins, Umphrey’s McGee, Ben Harper and Charlie Musselwhite, The Disco Biscuits, and STS9, and are planning on more of the same in 2015.

No. 8 ‘Summers End Music Festival Local Wishlist”
Picking the local acts for a major musical event is no easy task, even for a stalwart local promoting group like Luckyman Concerts and its leader, Tom La Penna. The bands that make the cut need to be fun and interesting, as well as bring a draw of their own, and they have to help the Phoenix scene put their best musical foot forward.

We at Modern Times Magazine have no inside information, and no sway with the people at Luckyman. But while La Penna and his cohorts go over the boatloads of submissions from local bands hoping to obtain one of the 14 slots Music/Arts editor Jeff Moses provided his two cents about who he thought deserved the chance to play at the big show.

No. 7 “The Best Cosplay From Phoenix Comicon 2014”
While the panels and the exhibitor floor are among the main draws to Phoenix ComicCon every year, the cosplay might just be what most remember. Whether one joins in or just enjoys watching all of the cosplayers, thousands make Phoenix Comicon an immense, opt-in masquerade ball that’s a treat for the Phoenix metro.

Through the four days of the con, the Modern Times staff and various contributors took hundreds of photos of great cosplay. Our editors selected the best of that lot.

No. 6 “Going Deep Over Deep Purple’s New Tour”
Regular contributor Joe Lopez has been part of the metal scene since the biggest bands in the land had hair bigger than Divine and pants tighter than Joan Jett. But when he heard Deep Purple was heading to town, he was at first apprehensive.

“Maybe my apprehension was due to the KISS fiasco I witnessed. It would have been more than this man could take to see another legendary band fall from grace within a week ... However, enter Now What? the latest opus of the Purple ones. It is there best in decades and they are not afraid to show it. Producer Bob Ezrin (Pink Floyd, Kiss, Alice Cooper) gave them a great sound with this project.”

Needless to say, he had a great time.

No. 5 “McDowell Mountain Music Festival 2015 Lineup”
McDowell Mountain Music Festival hosted their lineup announcement party on Saturday evening at Copper Blues, 50 W. Jefferson St., Phoenix, and it seems like 2015 is going to be MMMF’s best year ever. Obviously, every festival tries to out do itself every year but just looking at the names that Wespac Construction was able to draw to Margaret T. Hance Park for the late March festival alone says that the regional festival maybe considering a jump up to the national level.

2015’s lineup shows MMMF’s new appreciation for electronic music with a lineup that features way more DJ’s and EDM than 2014. It’s quite obvious that EDM and jam bands go together. The repetitive groove based music styles are incredibly similar, so for a festival looking to bring out the deadheads and the Candy Kids, mixing in a little of both was definitely a great idea.

No. 4 “ Summer Ends Music Disaster”
Summer Ends Music Festival was more or less a complete disaster for everyone involved.

The first day was woefully under attended, day two was moved to The Marquee Theater after “destructive weather” decimated the festival’s main stage, and day three featured a 10-hour day at the Marquee which is definitely one of the least comfortable places on the planet. But the most important fact to take away is that SEMF was not a festival. There may not be set in stone rules for what constitutes a festival, but SEMF definitely was not one.

No. 3 “2014: The Return Of The Amazing Arizona Comic Con”
The attention given to The Amazing Arizona Comic Con last year was nothing less than proof that while Phoenix ComicCon has had a corner on the market for over a decade, it is the subject matter more than anything else that draws thousands.

Special guests included Robert Kirkman, creator and writer of The Walking Dead and many others.

No. 2 “The Mosey Awards: Recognizing The Best Of The Phoenix Metro Music Scene”
As the first and reigning music writer at Modern Times Magazine, Jeff Moses gets to float through the local universe of musicians and the music scene in the Phoenix Metro.

Its a good place to be — a cat-bird seat of sorts that allows me to hang out with some great people, hear some great music and go to some great places and get paid a little for it.

Friends ask him all the time where to go and what to do and who he thinks the best band is, or who is best live, or many more questions.

Hence, the “Mosey Awards.”

No. 1 “The Expendables 3: A Cinematic Orgy Of Stars”
After Moses saw one of the first trailers for the The Expendables 3 film he was slightly excited about it.

Okay, he was as amped as a teenager getting to first base
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