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Jimmer Mania On Hold In Phoenix

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Jimmer Fredette finger rolls earlier this year vs. Wyoming. Image by Lelavr and used under conditions of Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.
The Top Secret Draft Process Leaves Fans Wishing and Hoping For Jimmer To Join The Purple Gang

By Bob Goodwood
Special for Modern Times Magazine .com

June 14, 2011 — Everywhere Phoenix Suns fans have gathered over the past few weeks, all they have wanted to talk about is Jimmer Fredette, the little guard with the big-time shot.

When the draft order was announced a few weeks ago, it was a realistic hope that the Suns might nab Jimmer since the BYU guard was expected to go somewhere in the middle of the first round — right near where the Suns pick at No. 13. There is no doubt that the Suns are interested. The guy is three-quarters Kevin Johnson and one quarter Dan Majerle.

The problem with all of that, both then and now, is that if he is available that late in the first round, the Utah Jazz will likely select Fredette with the No. 12 pick. Some ‘experts’ say that if the Jazz go with a point guard with their first pick of the first round — No. 3 — they will not select another short guard at No. 13. While the logic is valid, Jimmermania trumps such logic. If Jimmer goes to the Jazz, a new city would be built in China dedicated to Fredette merchandise.

And, it appears increasingly likely that Jimmer might not be there when the Jazz make their second pick thanks to his impressive shooting exhibitions in team workouts at New York and Indiana. The scuttlebutt around the league is that Sacramento just might nab him with the No. 7 selection.

Fredette would be a great fit for all teams that like to run the pick and roll, and it is therefore logical that Suns Ring of Honor member Paul Westphal is interested in pairing Fredette with Tyreke Evans in the Kings’ back court. Jimmer had team workouts with teams that like shooters like him: Phoenix, Indiana, New York Knicks, Sacramento, and the Jazz.

If the Suns do want him, it will definitely be a risk to see if he ‘falls’ to No. 13. There has been rumors of the Suns moving up in the draft, perhaps to No. 2 by swinging a trade with Minnesota, but it is doubtful that Fredette will go that early, regardless of the hype.

The Suns have remained quiet on nearly all aspects of this draft. They have announced names of the players coming in for team workouts, but that is about it.

The only direct information made available to the general public was a tweet from Fredette Monday afternoon.

“The workout with the Suns was another good one. I think they like me but we will see what happens,” according to a post from Fredette’s Twitter account.

If Fredette is there at No. 13, the Suns will select him. But if they want him, they can’t wait for him at No. 13.

For now, Jimmermania is on hold in Phoenix.
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